Sep 13, 2020
3:00 pm - 3:59 pm
Online (Event date/time in JST)

Registration Closed: Invitation email will be sent on September 10th.

Perhaps you have heard of Remote Simultaneous Interpreting, or RSI. Chances are, you have been hesitant to venture into this seemingly new, scary realm of interpretation. Perhaps you prefer consecutive mode over simultaneous, or don’t want to invest in new equipment. However, the time has never been better than now, during a global pandemic and restricted travel opportunities, to learn a mode that can open many more doors and makes Work From Home a possibility for interpreters. Join me to learn about the various platforms available, the pros, cons, and horror stories (and how to avoid them) to learn a new service to increase the numbers of clients you serve. (This session will be delivered in Japanese.)

Celine Sutherland Browning
Celine is a conference interpreter and translator who has been enjoying the area of RSI for the last 3 years. What started as a last-minute request has become about 50% of all interpretation assignments. Browning has used RSI to interpret for the Facebook F8 conference (2019), multiple Google Product Expert conferences, international expos with over 9,000 attendees, and countless smaller assignments to include sales pitches and market research interviews. When not working remotely from home, Browning enjoys assignments through the Department of State to include the International Visitor Program, as well as occasional assignments with now-world-sensation Marie Kondo.

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