The JAT Elections Committee can now report this year’s election results.

We are happy to announce that Madelein Shimizu, Yumeko Futaki, Yukari Watanabe, Chris Craigo, and Hana Ransom have been elected as director with 100 votes, 98 votes, 102 votes, 95 votes, and 101 votes, respectively (in order of registration).

Nora Heath has been elected as auditor with 112 votes.

We would like to thank the candidates and all those who took part in the election.

Director (2-year term)
・ Madelein Shimizu: 100 votes
・ Yumeko Futaki: 98 votes
・ Yukari Watanabe: 102 votes
・ Chris Craigo: 95 votes
・ Hana Ransom: 101 votes

Auditor (2-year term)
・ Nora Stevens Heath: 112 votes

Current number of members: 533
Ballots received: 120 (invalid: 0; valid: 120)
Valid voter turnout: 22.5%
Votes for director/auditor: 120
Minimum number of votes required to elect director/auditor: 12 (10% of valid voter turnout)

2024年選挙管理委員会 / 2024 JAT Election Committee
委員長 平林 千春 / Chiharu Hirabayashi (Chair)
委員 松島 聖子 / Seiko Matsushima
委員 スミス ヘンリー / Henry Smith