Dear JAT Members,

The 2024 JAT Election Committee would like to announce this year’s candidates for Director and Auditor positions.

List of Candidates (in order of registration)
(Candidate details appear at the end of this announcement.)

・ ヒース ノーラ / Nora Stevens Heath (auditor)
・ 清水 マデリン / Madelein Shimizu (director)
・ 二木 夢子 / Yumeko Futaki (director)
・ 渡邉 ユカリ / Yukari Watanabe (director)
・ クレイゴ クリス / Chris Craigo (director)
・ ランサム はな / Hana Ransom (director)

We would like to express our thanks to the candidates.

If you believe there is a mistake or missed entry in the list of candidates, please send an email to [email protected] ASAP.

The election campaign lasts until May 24 (10 PM JST).

Feel free to ask questions or post comments on the 2024 Board Election Forum .

Best regards,

2024 JAT Election Committee
Chiharu Hirabayashi
Henry Smith
Seiko Matsushima

■ Candidate details / 立候補者の詳細
Candidates for director *理事の立候補者*

清水 マデリン / Madelein Shimizu (director)
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

I have been a translator and interpreter for more than twenty years, and I feel that it is time for me to contribute to the advancement of our industry by becoming a director of JAT.
With years of experience in teaching young translators and interpreters, I am passionate about education and helping young and new translators and interpreters to find their niche in a challenging business environment. There is much experience and wisdom among older JAT members that needs to be shared with the younger generation.
There are also major concerns about how AI and other technologies are making a career in translation and interpreting seem less appealing, and I am committed to finding solutions that allow translators and interpreters to adapt and thrive. Our common love of language brings us together, and it is vital to emphasise how important the human element is in interpreting and translation.
It is so easy for people in our industry to feel isolated and alone, and I believe that JAT can play a central role in connecting translators all over Japan and around the world. Becoming a director of JAT would allow me to advocate for interpreters and translators, learning from others and using my skills and experience to make a positive contribution to the organization.

Endorser statement / 推薦人の推薦文
I have known Madelein for about five years, when she joined a community I set up to support Japanese to English translators. As a member of the community, Madelein was proactive in providing advice which was not only valuable, but presented in a manner of humility and support, which encouraged further consultation. Perhaps because of her experience as an educator, Madelein encapsulates the perfect mentor mentality: kind, supportive, generous with her advice.
From conversations with Madelein, and from her interaction at JAT events, it is clear that Madelein is passionate about ethical concerns within the industry, and is aware of the issues that are affecting early-career translators and interpreters. Her knowledge and energy would be invaluable assets to JATs advocacy activities, and area we would like to put more resources in going forward.
As a professional, Madelein has an excellent reputation, having a career that spans two decades and being graduate from the prestigious MAJIT course. Not only that, as someone qualified and practicing both as both a translator and an interpreter, she is ideally placed to represent the voice of interpreters on the board, a voice that is often neglected.
In short, Madelein’s warm and generous personality, coupled with her vast experience as a professional, make her an ideal candidate for the board, and I readily give my endorsement.
Heidi Karino


二木 夢子 / Yumeko Futaki (director)
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文


(Current board member, endorser statement not necessary / 推薦人の推薦文 不要)


渡邉 ユカリ / Yukari Watanabe (director)
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文


(Current board member, endorser statement not necessary / 推薦人の推薦文 不要)


クレイゴ クリス / Chris Craigo (director)
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

As a relative newcomer to the field of translation and interpreting, I believe that I can provide valuable insight to the JAT Board of Directors as I work to expand the organization’s presence, outreach, and impact for the next generation of translators. Having only learned of JAT two years ago, I wish I had been aware of the organization and its activities far earlier into my journey with Japanese. By expanding its reach to less experienced audiences (e.g. students in university-level Japanese classes, JET Program participants and alumni, etc.), I believe that JAT can not only gain greater recognition as an organization, but also help cultivate the next generation of translators and language professionals. With advances in AI being heralded as the beginning of the end for translators, I have no doubt that JAT can play the valuable role of informing new and aspiring translators of the prospects and merits the field offers. It is only through actively cultivating the next generation of translators that our profession can continue to thrive, and in that regard, I truly believe JAT’s vast network of seasoned professionals can be utilized to show newcomers a hopeful path forward. As such, my vision for JAT is to see it 1.) reach out to previously untapped, but relevant audiences (especially those outside the “professional” sphere), and 2.) provide clear, actionable information on working as a translator (across a variety of fields, from medical to manufacturing) to help demystify the profession and give curious individuals a realistic look at what the profession entails. In doing so, I truly believe that JAT can not only expand its membership and impact, but also do its part in empowering the next generation of translators in an era of rapid change and transformation.

Endorser statement / 推薦人の推薦文
I wholly support Chris' candidacy for the JAT board. Both as a student of mine and as a young professional who guest spoke at my university course, I have found him to be motivated, professional, knowledgeable, and kind. He is committed to moving forward in the profession and understands what it takes to encourage participation in a broader group. I am sure he will bring a fresh perspective and great energy to the board.
Allyson Sigman


ランサム はな / Hana Ransom (director)
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文


Endorser statement / 推薦人の推薦文
上村 魁

Candidates for auditor *監事の立候補者*

ヒース ノーラ / Nora Stevens Heath (auditor)
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

I'm running for a second term as auditor so I can keep the Board on track. I'll continue to ensure JAT's business is being conducted both appropriately and in a way that benefits its members.

(Current board member, endorser statement not necessary / 推薦人の推薦文 不要)