The presenters of some of the sessions in Sendai have kindly provided their projector slides and other texts. They can be downloaded in PDF form from the following links.

Please remember that these are only for JAT members and other IJET-27 attendees.

Jim Davis: Alice in Idiomland: Dealing with Idiomatic Expressions in Japanese Documents

Chiharu Hirabayashi; 特許業界ホットトピック(外内特許出願&英和特許翻訳を中心に)

Fumihiko Imamura (IRIDeS): 東日本大震災の被害と教訓

Sarah Lindholm: Leveling Up: How to Raise the Quality of Your Audiovisual Translations

Minoru Moriguchi: 『日本辞典』Dictionary of Japan ~その内容と市場性

Sarajean Rossitto: Bridging Japanese nonprofits to the world

Stephen Scott: Amending Patent Applications: Legal Considerations and Potential Pitfalls

Izumi Suzuki: Can You Call Yourself a Professional Interpreter?

Rick Weisburd: Research manuscript writing habits of Japanese authors

Jun Yamada (Aizu Denryoku): Why are we doing this? - Renewable energy venture in Fukushima

Daisuke Yanase: Topic versus Subject: Handle of an Idea (文意の取っ手,主題さがしで始まる和文英訳)

Gwen Clayton: A Lawyer’s Approach to Legal Translation

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杉本優 (Yuno Dinnie): あなたの腱鞘炎・腰痛・肩こり対策は間違っていませんか?〜長く続けられる仕事のやり方を考える〜

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Questionnaire results

Markus Nornes: Afterthoughts on “For an Abusive Subtitling"

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