Oct 23, 2021
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Online (Zoom)

Online Patent Translation Seminar Series for 2021 thru 2022

Taking it From the Top: Patent Translation 101

The Patent Translation Special Interest Group (JATPATENT) Steering Committee is pleased to announce that it is currently planning a series of online seminars for 2021 through 2022.

The series will kick off with “Taking it From the Top: Patent Translation 101” which will cover the very basics of patent translation and some directly applicable tips for your daily work. There will be something for everyone —from translators with an interest in patent translation to those with some or even extensive experience in translating patents.

The session will be hosted on Zoom, and the presenter intends for the seminar to be interactive and so will take questions throughout. The materials for this session will also be published in advance (see below), so feel free to try your hand at translating the material ahead of time.

Details for the next and upcoming seminars are currently in planning.

JATPATENT Online Patent Translation Seminar Series (2021-2022)
[Seminar #1] Taking it From the Top: Patent Translation 101

Date: Saturday, October 23, 2021, 20:00 – 22:00 JST (including Q&A)
Place: Online (Zoom) [Recorded]
Presenter: Chiharu Hirabayashi,
Patent Translator & Japan Patent Attorney
(Member JATPATENT Steering Committee)
Cost: JAT Members ¥1,000 | Non-members ¥2,000
Inquiries: JATPATENT Steering Committee at [email protected]

NB: Please be sure to enter an email address when you register so you can receive the seminar link. This seminar will be on Zoom, so also be sure to download and install Zoom Client for Meetings well in advance.

Seminar Outline

What are Patents, and What is Patent Translation Anyway?

  • Why do we need the Claims and Specification?
  • Why are patents filed abroad?
  • What are recent trends in foreign applications?

What kinds of issues should patent translators be aware of when translating?

  • Researching translation terms
  • Risky/problem words when translating into English
  • Tips for providing Translator Notes at delivery

Giving It a Try – Patent Translation Exercise
Click to Download JATPATENT S1 Translation Exercise

Update on 13 October 2021 - The translation exercise for the seminar is linked above. Take a look at the passages; we are planning to discuss how to translate
these passages during the seminar. Feel free to try out a machine-translation, or just try translating the passages yourself.

Video Recording:

A video recording of the seminar is available for JAT members (login required).

For non-member registrants, we have sent an email including a link to the video recording, which is viewable until October 31, 2021.

If you have not received the email, please contact us at [email protected].


JATPATENT Steering Committee
Yuko Kobayashi (小林優子)*
Cliff Bender (クリフ・ベンダー)
Charles Aschmann (チャールズ・アッシュマン)
Nadine Edwards (ナディーン・エドワーズ)
George Tokikuni (時國滋夫)
Andrew Welford (アンドルー・ウェルフォド)
Chiharu Hirabayashi(平林千春)