Sep 13, 2020
6:00 am - 8:00 am
Online (Event date/time in JST)

Registration Closed: Invitation email will be sent on September 10th.

This session sees the return of panelists who discussed career development for medical translators at IJET-25 in Tokyo. However, the theme has changed to survival strategies as the field of medical/pharmaceutical translation industry undergoes major changes such as the advent of AI translation engines, and faces the potential adverse effects of a pandemic-induced downturn. Based on their own experiences in the intervening years, the panelists will cover points such how to marry the needs of the individual translator with those of the industry as a whole, and just how flexible should translators be.

*The panelists will also welcome opinions from participants.
*This session will be delivered in English and Japanese (depending on the native language of the speaker).

Akiko Segawa

Akiko is a Hiroshima-based J>E and E>J translator specializing in the medical and pharmaceutical field. Her career as a freelance translator started in the IT/industrial field more than 20 years ago after working as an inhouse interpreter/translator. She translated many official documents, interpreted meetings, and experienced liaison and coordinating operations with Olympic Committees/embassies of each country and region, and the media. She now handles many med/pharma documents including those related to clinical trials, medical devices, and research papers. She also has a history of teaching writing, English proficiency tests, and translation. She is also an organizer of the "West-Japan Medical English Workshop" for cross-industrial members.

Henry Smith
Henry is an Associate Professor at Kagoshima University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, where he teaches medical English (including medical writing and translation). He has worked as a translator both freelance and in-house in the drug development field (pre-clinical and clinical) and has gained wide experience on the translation and editing of research papers in both veterinary and human medicine.

Moderator: Sako Ikegami (JATPHARMA Chair)

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