Apr 23, 2022
9:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Online (Zoom)

Enter the Translator's Lair: An Introduction to a Home Office Space and the Tools Used Inside

Session Overview
The life of a translator can be a solitary one at times, but that doesn't mean that you have to suffer in solitude either. Our profession is one that has been perfecting the art of working from home for quite some time, and the options available can make for quite a comfortable existence, not to mention a profitable one!

This speaker will take you on a tour of his home office and not only show you the tools he uses to do translation work and manage workflow, but will also show you what the environment looks like overall and how it has been tweaked over the years.

Questions and/or comments from the members are welcome and in fact encouraged, as we look for this to be an interesting and informative discussion for all involved. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Speaker Profile
I moved to the Los Angeles area after living in Japan for almost 8 years. Before moving to Japan I worked as a print journalist in the United States for a news service covering local and national politics. The fields I work in are subtitles, finance, current events, tourism, gaming and consumer technology, and I do some work with automotive translations as well. I currently serve as the administrator of the Japanese Language Division in the American Translators Association and am the JATTOOLS SIG Chair. I helped organize the JAT 25th anniversary in Nagoya, and I was also in charge of Public Relations for PROJECT Nagoya 2011.

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