The 2009 JAT board election cycle is under way!

The election schedule is as follows:

Feb 1 – Mar 21 (00:00 JST): Submission of candidate statements

Members looking to stand for election should fill in the candidacy form.

Per the bylaws, candidates should supply full name, gender, nationality, address of current residence, home telephone number, and e-mail address. Candidates must have been JAT members for the entire year preceding the deadline for submitting candidacy statements.

Apr 1 (00:00 JST) – 22 (00:00 JST): Election

Votes will be cast via the JAT website. Each member shall be able to vote “Yea”, “Nay”, or “Abstain” for each candidate.

May 1 (20:00): announcement of results

Active candidacy participation in this election is vital for JAT’s continuing evolution and greater effectiveness in serving you, the members.

Jim Hubbert
Sagane Kiyoko
Frank Moorhead

2009 JAT Election Committee