Fellow JAT members,

The process for election of four JAT Board members and one auditor is ready to start! If you have some ideas for JAT and the willingness to devote time to working with Board members and other JAT members, take action! Stand for election! The only qualification you need is to have been a JAT member for the entire year preceding the deadline for candidacy statements (23:59:59 JST, March 7, 2010).

From recent JAT list postings, we know that many of you have ideas for JAT members to consider. Current and past Board members have also told us of the benefits of having served in elected positions. Moreover, with JAT’s silver jubilee this year and the many new and up-coming initiatives and activities, these are exciting times for JAT. There couldn’t be a better time to get more involved.

If you want to play an important role in JAT as a Board member or auditor, take the first step and submit a candidacy statement at: https://jat.wufoo.com/forms/jat-2010-board-candidacy/ In addition to the usual personal info on background etc., your statement should provide some indication of how you envision JAT evolving (or standing pat) toward the future. Statements will be accepted for one week only, March 1 (00:00 JST) through March 7 (23:59:59 JST).

Per JAT’s bylaws, the Election Committee will not announce the names of any candidate until the end of the registration period. However, there is nothing to stop any candidate from self-announcing their candidacy prior to that time.

For the JAT bylaws concerning elections, see: http://jat.org/about/bylaws/#a3
For the who’s who of the current Board and the election schedule, see http://jat.org/2010/02/09/2010-jat-election/lang-pref/en/ (ENG) or http://jat.org/2010/02/09/2010-jat-election/lang-pref/ja/ (JPN)

Wendy McBride
Yoko Kawabe
Gary Roberts
2010 JAT Election Committee