The 2013 JAT election is over and the Election Committee is delighted to announce the results.

Congratulations to the successful candidates and commiserations to those who were not successful this time. Many thanks to all members who voted.

Winning candidates

Directors (2-year terms)

Yoichiro Tachibana
Mike Sekine

Mikako Miyahara
Ben Tompkins
Akiko Endo

Ballots received: 215 (invalid: 2; valid: 213)
Votes for Director: 928
Votes required for election as Director: 93 (10%)

Detailed results

Candidates for Director

Yoichiro Tachibana: 162 votes (elected; interim substitute in 2012)
Mike Sekine: 154 votes (elected)
Mikako Miyahara: 132 votes (elected)
Ben Tompkins: 116 votes (elected)
Akiko Endo: 100 (elected)
Nora Heath: 72
Stuart Ayre: 69

Phil Robertson: 69
Paul Koehler: 54

2013 JAT Election Committee

Michael House (Chair)
Mayumi Toyota
Thomas Kaiser