The 2014 JAT election is over and the final results have been verified. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all candidates and members who voted.

Winning candidates

Directors (2-year terms)

Marian Kinoshita
Hideaki Maruoka
Megumi Kimoto
Stacy Jehlik

Ballots received: 167 (all valid)
Votes for Director: 570
Votes required for election as Director: 57 (10%)

Detailed results

Candidates for Director

Marian Kinoshita 143 votes (elected)
Hideaki Maruoka 122 votes (elected)
Megumi Kimoto 120 votes (elected)
Stacey Jehlik 102 votes (elected; interim substitute in 2013)
Phil Robertson: 83 votes

Thank you again to all candidates for running, and to members for voting.

2014 Election committee
Christopher Blakeslee (Chair)
Yoko Kawabe
Syra Morii