The 2015 JAT election is over and the final results have been verified. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all candidates and members who voted.

Winning candidates

Auditor (2-year term):

Nora Heath

Directors (2-year terms):

Ben Tompkins

Akiko Endo

Phil Robertson


Detailed results

Ballots received: 152 (all valid)

Votes for auditor: 149

Votes required for election as auditor: 15 (10%)

Nora Heath: 149 votes (elected)

Votes for director: 385

Votes required for election as director: 39 (10%)

Ben Tompkins: 137 votes (elected)

Akiko Endo: 130 votes (elected)

Phil Robertson: 118 votes (elected)

Thank you again to the candidates for running, and to the members for taking the time to vote.

As mentioned before, there are still three director posts to be filled. The board will seek out three worthy volunteers to nominate and the membership can approve or reject the board's nominees at the OGM in June.

2015 JAT Election Committee
Andrew Welford (Chair)
Mayu Kawaguchi
Ben Davis