Fellow JAT members,

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2017 JAT election.

A big thank you to this year’s candidates and to everyone who voted. Congratulations and best of luck in the coming two years to the elected Directors and Auditor, who are to be approved by the membership at the OGM.


Auditor (2-year term)

Naoko Selland

Directors (2-year terms)

Clifford Bender

Phil Robertson

Tony Atkinson

Charles Aschmann

James Singleton

Chris Blakeslee


Current number of members: 745

Ballots received: 75 (invalid: 2; valid: 73)

Valid voter turnout: 9.80%

Votes for Auditor: 73

Votes required for election as Auditor: 7 (10%)

Votes for Director: 73

Votes required for election as Director: 7 (10%)

Candidates for Auditor:

Naoko Selland: 70 votes (elected)

Candidates for Director:

Clifford Bender: 60 votes (elected)

Phil Robertson: 56 votes (re-elected)

Tony Atkinson: 69 votes (elected)

Charles Aschmann: 68 votes (elected)

James Singleton: 65 votes (elected; interim substitute in 2016)

Chris Blakeslee: 66 votes (elected)

Best regards,

2017 JAT Election Committee

Marian Kinoshita (Chair)

John Brown

Yumeko Futaki

Yoichiro Tachibana (Technical Support)