Dear JAT Members,

The 2020 JAT Election Committee would like to announce this year’s candidates for Director.

List of Candidates
(Candidate details appear at the end of this announcement.)
Allyson Sigman / シグマン アリソン (director)
Shiho Koizumi / 小泉 志保 (director)
Brian Hyman / ハイマン ブライアン (director)
Danny MacLeith / マックリース ダニエル (auditor)

We would like to express our thanks to the candidates and their endorsers.
If you believe there is a mistake or missed entry in the list of candidates and endorsers, send an email to [email protected] ASAP.

The election campaign lasts until May 15 (10 PM JST).

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Best regards,

2020 JAT Election Committee
Yumeko Futaki (Chair)
Toby Rushbrook
Henry Smith

■ Candidate details / 立候補者の詳細
Candidates for director *理事の立候補者*
Allyson Sigman / シグマン アリソン
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

I am a Tokyo-based JE conference interpreter and have been a JAT member since 2011. Starting my career in-house at a manufacturing company in the US, JAT was an essential part of my early professional upbringing; connecting me to kind and knowledgeable experts around the world. I value the role that JAT plays in bringing seminars and training opportunities to members who are not always connected with a local translator community. I would like to work to ensure that we are providing these opportunities to those members in all parts of the world, even where there are no regional activities communities.

I also bring the perspective of a teacher of interpreting, having taught online for Ohio State University. I am committed to making continuing professional development opportunities available for all translators and interpreters, even those who are just starting out. I learned a lot about how to hold effective online training and networking through my work with the university. I hope to bring that online connectedness to our events when feasible.

Lastly, I have always enjoyed IJET conferences and even co-chaired IJET-27 in Ohio. To continue the local momentum after IJET, I started the first overseas regional activities committee, MAC, which has continued to operate even after I left for Japan. Now that I am in Tokyo, I will be better able to facilitate JAT events from the perspective of one who has organized overseas.

Thank you for considering me as your representative on the JAT board!
Endorser Statement / 推薦人の推薦文
I enthusiastically endorse Allyson Sigman’s candidacy for the JAT Board. Allyson is a hard worker who gives her all to any job she takes on. I first met Allyson at the Seattle IJET back in 2011, but it was not until IJET-28 Columbus in 2017 that I got a chance to work closely with her and see what a great organizer and thorough manager she is. She along with Nadine Edwards were put in the position of having to take over as co-chairs of the committee after the original chair could not continue. Not only did Allyson fill in, but she inspired the committee to come together in a manner that produced one of the best overseas IJETs we have ever had. She also led MAC from its inception and got it off on good footing before handing it off to others when she moved to Japan.

With her experience, energy and work ethic, I believe she will make an excellent member of the JAT Board.

Charles Aschmann

Shiho Koizumi / 小泉 志保
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明


(Current board member, endorser statement not necessary / 推薦人の推薦文 不要)

Brian Hyman / ハイマン ブライアン
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明
I'm standing for re-election to continue help the JAT Board become more of a managing board than a doing board.

(Current board member, endorser statement not necessary / 推薦人の推薦文 不要)

Candidate for auditor *監事の立候補者*
Danny MacLeith / マックリース ダニエル
Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

I have served as one of the two JAT auditors for the past two years, and will serve another term if enough of you agree to give me that opportunity. The JAT Board faces the challenging task of guiding JAT through this time of great uncertainty. As an auditor, I am to provide informed, measured, well-timed input to facilitate the Board’s discussions and decisions.

(Current auditor, endorser statement not necessary / 推薦人の推薦文 不要)