The JTF Translation Festival is a full day of informative and interactive presentations for translators of all levels, as well as translation companies and clients.

Benefit from the 24 sessions, 6 product presentations, exhibition plaza, networking dinner and...juggling, of course!

The JAT Track:
9:30: Pathways to Developing a Translation Specialty (Akira Saito, George Tokikuni, Carol Lawson, Ben Tompkins)
11:30: Lessons Learned from Translating Literature for Children and Young Adults (Cathy Hirano)
14:30: Information Security for Translators (Alex Garfitt, Jeff Chapman)
16:30: To PC or not to PC:Handling Racially Sensitive Matters and other Problems inTranslation (Juliet Carpenter)

Registration form and many more details here in Japanese: