We are pleased to announce that we are holding our next eJuku session as indicated below. For general information on eJuku visit our webpage What is e-Juku?

- Description: Spring 2018 J>E eJuku session

- Language direction: Japanese to English

- Format: online forum discussion and videoconferencing

- Period: March through April 2018 (see below for details)

- Fees: no fees

- Eligibility:

1. JAT membership (non-members required to join JAT after being selected as eJuku participants)

2. Native or near-native English proficiency

3. No more than a couple of years' experience as a working translator

4. High motivation to learn and participate actively

- Tentative schedule

  • Early March: Call closed. Screening done
  • In due course: 1st videoconference
  • Late March: Translation deadline
  • For 2–3 weeks: Online forum discussion
  • In due course: 2nd videoconference
  • For 1 week: Additional discussion
  • Late April: Forum closed and archived

- Inquiries and Application

If you would like to know more about the upcoming eJuku session or are interested in participating, please write to the e-Juku Committee on the JAT website or directly to the eJuku coordinator.

We are currently preparing a Call for Participation, which will contain all necessary information, including the source text, for you to make a decision to apply. We will send you a copy of the Call upon request after it becomes available.

Shuichi Yamakawa (Call me Shu)

Spring 2018 J>E eJuku Coordinator