We are now accepting candidacy registrations here.

The candidacy declaration/registration period ends at 22:00:00 JST, March 14, and the campaigning period starts at 00:00:00 JST, March 15. However, since the Election Committee needs time to verify eligibility and endorsements, we strongly encourage candidates to submit their candidacy statements early.

We remind you that candidates must have been JAT members in good standing for the entire year preceding the deadline for submitting candidacy statements, and that endorsers must be members in good standing as of the date on which they submit their endorsement statements. We also request that endorsers send a brief e-mail to us confirming the names of each candidate they endorse. The Election Committee may follow up, if necessary.

The Election Committee looks forward to receiving many registrations and to a hotly contested election.

2013 JAT Election Committee

Michael House (Chair)
Mayumi Toyota
Thomas Kaiser