The 2008 JAT Election Committee is pleased to announce the list of
candidates standing for director or auditor in this year's elections.
First of all, the committee would like to thank each candidate for
stepping forward. Without your contribution, JAT cannot continue to
function in its proper form.

Also, if there are any persons who believe that they should be on the
list(s), but are not, please send a mail to [email protected]

Once again, we remind members that voting runs from April 5 to 26.
Details concerning how the voting will be carried out will be announced
in good time before the start date. Please use the period before voting
starts to look at the candidate statements. Questions directed to a
particular candidacy may be sent directly to the candidate, or if
appropriate, posted on the JAT list. Questions concerning election
details should be sent to [email protected]

2008 JAT Election Committee
Koji Himeno (Chair)
Takaaki Aono (Promoter)
Duncan Dance (Promoter)

Candidates standing for director

佐藤 研太(Kenta Sato)


だが果たして現代日本の企業活動の多次元言語コミュニティ翻訳業界は日本発の情報提供の要となるべき日英翻訳のあり方を真剣に共に考えて検討しそれに値する最善の翻訳環境を達成できる方向付けが出来ているビジネス活動環境にあるのだろうか?JATの非営利NPO法人活動の事業組織目的としての運命は如何に...。確かに重要な翻訳技術エレメントは数限りなく提示できるだろうしグローバルな「会話する情報の素―早い加工」と企業からのニュース発信、語彙、WIKI、MT/TM、ターミノロジー表現、ISO/JAS特許申請、ロングマン医薬学辞書からのGUI多次元言語アクティブ ディレクトリー形成構築等々でも、翻訳者としてではなく通訳者する言語コミュニティが優先する場合も多数ある。今、理事として実現するべき目標、JAT日本翻訳者協会の全ての事業活動とアウトリーチ活動をさらに高次元にする「翻訳者学習教育の躍動です!」。全て重要エレメントが参加するJATの事業主体の将来性を占うものが「心はインハウス&フリーランスなのだ!」広範囲な仕事コミュニティ連携では私に活動チャンスをいただきたい、市民権と実現できるJAT新理事を提案いたします。

杉山範雄(Norio Sugiyama)



Minoru Mochizuki (望月 稔)

Gender: M
Nationality: Japanese

I wish to nominate myself to be a director of the Board of JAT.
The reasons why I think I am eligible for a director are as follows:

1. I have been a JAT member since the first IJET held in Hakone (that's how I remember how long I have been the member; please don't ask me in what year it was) so I know a few people and know a few things.

2. I have always been interested in the activities of JAT and have made some friends and foes among the members because my that interest. If I cared less about the activities of JAT, I would not have opined on any subjects. When a person speaks out, one can get friends and foes.

3. I can think about any issues and probably will be able state my opinions about those issues from the standpoint of a JAT member and a translator with an experience of at least 15 years. I consider myself a free thinker.

4. I can write and speak in both Japanese and in English (although my English speech may not be fluent as other people think as a director ought to be). I can hear other people's opinion in both languages although anyone who wishes to speak in English must speak rather slowly and in simple words and sentence structures. I will probably pretend that I have hearing problem if someone expresses something I don't want to hear.

5. I live in Japan, not so distant from Tokyo (door to door travel time from my home to a place in Tokyo is approximately 1.5 hours).

6. I feel I ought to tell you about my shortcomings as well so that you can make a fair judgment and deny me. My shortcomings are:
a) I am not too good clerically
b) I am clumsy and may spill liquid on paper or punch holes in wrong places
c) I am not that interested in coordinating other people or find a compromise in opposing opinions as I believe people have different opinions. Decisions by voting sound fine with me.
d) I don't want to bear any heart-wrenching decision making responsibility as it is bad for my health and I care for my health.
e) I may be irresponsible in some cases as I am volunteering for this job primarily for my curiosity.
f) I may get tired too easily
g) I don't like to be exposed to smoke or to attend any meeting where someone smokes

Chris Blakeslee

Gender: M
Nationality: US

With over a decade as a JAT member without ever having served as a director, my time has probably come. It has occurred to me that I may even enjoy repaying my debt to the JE translation community by donating my time toward keeping JAT running smoothly, and do think the current cast of characters now serving as directors would be fun to work with. I hereby throw my hat into the ring, but promise not to begin dancing around it until the last vote is cast.

James Phillips

Gender: Male
Nationality: Dual (British/Irish)

I would like to apply for the position of director with the intent of serving as Tokyo Activities Committee (TAC) liaison if possible. JAT can be a useful resource for its members and its role will become more important as the environment the translator has to work in becomes ever more perplexing. The advent of so many new technologies and potential ways of working can be bewildering. I would like to volunteer to put my technical background to good use in helping investigate new technology and show that new technology is not something to fear. I would keep a close eye on all the new technology that becomes available and how such technology can help keep translators competitive and hopefully make their efforts more profitable. Hopefully we can keep it fun at the same time, as the typical translator already has more than enough stress to deal with in their day job . . .

Manako Ihaya (井隼眞奈子)

Gender: Female
Nationality: Japan

I have had the privilege to serve on the JAT Board for the past two years (as President for the past year), and feel that another two years would enable me to help make JAT an even better organization to serve our members. Last year, with the help of the Board and other JAT members, I was able to see to it that we finally get a professional opinion (actually, three) on tax-withholding issues faced by those of us who live outside Japan and earn income from clients based in Japan. My hope if I get re-elected is to continue to see that JAT serves members both in Japan and abroad, perhaps by working on a more systematic effort to organize local meetings outside Tokyo, where traditionally, successful meetings have been held thanks to great work by mostly Tokyo-based members.

Alan Siegrist (アラン・シーグリスト)

Gender: Male
Nationality: USA

I have been a JAT member for many years and I have benefitted greatly from all of the wonderful things that JAT has done for me and the rest of the JAT membership, including the sponsorship of the fabulously successful IJET conferences, and I think it is about time to repay this debt by volunteering to serve on the JAT Board.

If elected, I hope to be able to continue to provide such services and benefits to the JAT membership and offer what help I can to allow this fine organization to continue doing what it does best.

I have served on several IJET organizing committees and these experiences have always been positive. I look forward to a similarly positive experience from serving on the JAT Board if elected.

Candidates standing for auditor

Wolfgang Bechstein

Gender: M
Nationality: German

As 2.7 percent of the JAT membership may know, I served as a JAT auditor
for the past two years. This was a valuable opportunity for me to
understand a bit better what makes this organization--whose member I've
been for more years than I care to remember--tick. I familiarized myself
with the teikan and the Bylaws and hit the directors over the head with
them at every possible opportunity. I did look at and tried to
understand the figures on our financial statements and verified them as
best as I could (and am glad to report that I detected no misuse of
funds). I also listened in and took part in board discussions on all
matters pertaining to the running of the organization, although as an
auditor I do not have a vote when it comes down to actually deciding
things. Because of this last fact, I originally intended to run for
director this time around, but decided to run for auditor once more. I
think I can still achieve something that way, and now that I know at
least some of the ropes, I thought I'd try pulling on them some more. I
intend to work towards the highest degree of openness possible in the
dealings of the board, and I will endeavor to keep JAT members informed
of what is bubbling beneath the surface.

千桝靖 (Kiyoshi Chimasu)