Fellow JAT members,

This is another request from the Election Committee. The message also contains important instructions for candidates and endorsers. Please read all the way to the end.

The Wednesday, March 14 (23:59:59 JST) deadline for registering as a candidate in the 2012 JAT election is fast approaching. However, as can be seen on the forum (http://jat.org/forums/viewforum/3/), we still do not have enough candidates.

* To those of you considering running

There's still time! You can still run if you declare your intention of running and are able to secure 3 endorsements. Please take this opportunity to come forward.

* To declared candidates

We request those of you who have not yet officially registered to complete the registration form at https://jat.wufoo.com/forms/jat-2012-board-candidacy/. Please refer to the Election Announcement sent earlier for details of the information you need to provide. The Announcement is also available on the forum and at http://jat.org/#news.

* To endorsers

If you have not already done so, please send your endorsement(s) to us at [email protected]. Endorsements do not have to be posted on the forum, but it is necessary for you to mail them to us so that we can confirm their authenticity. Please be sure to send then from your own e-mail address.

2012 JAT Election Committee
Yoko Kawabe (Chair)
Thomas Kaiser
Wendy McBride