Now announcing the 8th e-Juku Session, due to start in early September

Our e-Juku program, launched in 2009, gives participants an opportunity to hone their translation skills under the guidance of seasoned translators. Since spring 2012 an updated format, called the JAT Online Translation Workshop (JOTW), has been adopted for J-to-E sessions to encourage greater peer-to-peer discussion among participants, using text-based interaction as well as videoconferencing facilitated by the mentor-translators.

To date, we have held seven e-Juku sessions.

No.1 J>E 1 October 2009

No.2 E>J 1 January 2010

No.3 J>E 2 February 2010

No.4 J>E 3 November 2011

No.5 J>E 4 April 2012 (Spring 2012 JOTW)

No.6 J>E 5 October 2012 (Fall 2012 JOTW)

No.7 E>J 2  August 2013 (soon to be concluded)

We are planning the next eJuku session as follows:

No.8 J>E 6 September 2013 (Fall 2013 JOTW)

Mentors: Jeremy Angel and Richard Sadowsky

Checker and coordinator: Shuichi Yamakawa

There are no fees, but only JAT members are eligible. For details, read the Call for Participants to be published on JAT's mailing list in early September when we start accepting applications. Non-JAT members can receive a copy of the Call, when it is published, by writing in advance to the coordinator or through the Contact page on this site.

Shu (Shuichi Yamakawa)

Fall 2013 JOTW J>E eJuku coordinator