For the next in our release of full videos of several presentations from IJET-19, we're pleased to continue the series with the following presentation from Fred Uleman:

Title: Translation Workshop
Speaker: Fred Uleman

This is not a presentation in which I will give you the right answers. Rather, we will all be working on a short passage (a company president talking about how he turned things around) and will arrive at, if not the right answers, at least some interesting ways to approach the job, together. I will try to have a sample translation or two as starting points for the discussion, but these will not be my translations and I expect us to disagree with much of what they did. This is a discussion to bring out useful mental tricks that you can then use in your own translation work. Please come prepared to participate.

(Note that these videos are available for members only. The password required to view the videos can be found on the JAT mailing list.)

Stay tuned for more presentation over the next few weeks and months!