Dear JAT Members,

The 2018 JAT Election Committee would like to announce this year's candidates for Director.

List of Candidates

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Chiharu Hirabayashi / 平林千春 (director)

Shiho Koizumi / 小泉志保 (director)

Brian Hyman / ブライアン・ハイマン (director)

Nadine A. Edwards /ナディーン・エドワーズ (director)

Danny MacLeith / ダニエル・マックリース (auditor)

We would like to express our thanks to the candidates and their endorsers.

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The election campaign lasts until June 7 (10 PM JST).

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Best regards,

2018 JAT Election Committee

Marian Kinoshita (Chair)

Yumeko Futaki

Ben Tompkins


■ Candidate details / 立候補者の詳細

Candidates for director *理事の立候補者*

Chiharu Hirabayashi / 平林 千春

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明

二期目の再選を目指して立候補しました、平林 千春と申します。
I am Chiharu Hirabayashi, currently serving as legal liaison and willing to run for a second term. During my second term, I would like to further simplify the tasks of legal liaison and make JAT’s legal procedures more sustainable, so that JAT can maintain its status as a Japanese NPO. I believe that the NPO status provides JAT with great social credibility. As a native Japanese speaker and member living in Japan, I believe I can help JAT with governmental procedures to maintain its outstanding legal status.

(Endorser Statement / 推薦人の推薦文 不要)


Shiho Koizumi / 小泉志保

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文




Endorser Statement / 推薦人の推薦文

I am honored to endorse Shiho Koizumi as a candidate for Director of the Board of Directors of the Japan Association of Translators. The Board and JAT in general are very lucky that Shiho is seeking to take on this leadership role.

I’ve known Shiho for 4 years. She frequently attends JATPHARMA meetings and other JAT events. Over the last 3 years, Shiho has actively contributed to JATPHARMA, giving presentations and working with the JATPHARMA Steering Committee to organize events.

Her experience working with and on these committees, in addition to her friendliness, proactive approach, organizational skills, volunteer spirit, and promptness, will make her an exceptional director.

As JAT evolves, we need more leaders like Shiho. Join me in voting for her so that JAT can be an even better association.


Ben Tompkins

Former JAT President


Brian Hyman / ブライアン・ハイマン

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

Having worked in a translation company, as a freelance translator, and as the owner of a translation company, I’ve been involved in the translation industry in Japan for 25 years.

A lot has changed over that time, and I now hope to be able to rejoin the board and work with the other board members to help JAT adapt to the changes in the industry and help improve things for people at all positions within the industry.

Endorser Statement / 推薦人の推薦文

Brian Hyman previously served five years as a JAT director, including as vice-president, president, and IJET coordinator during JAT's early years as an NPO. His proven organizational abilities and willingness to contribute both ideas and the effort to get jobs done will make him a valuable addition to the Board. I heartily endorse Brian as a candidate to rejoin the JAT Board.

Cliff Bender, current JAT director


Nadine A. Edwards /ナディーン・エドワーズ

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

I believe that the Japan Association of Translators and similar organizations that create opportunities for translators and interpreters of Japanese to network and exchange ideas and expertise are important for educating us as professionals. Creating and expanding these opportunities requires volunteers, and I hereby offer my candidacy for the position of Director on the JAT Board.

I have been involved on the Tech Team, two steering committees (PATENT and TOOLS), and on the IJET-28 Organizing Committee as its Registrar and Sponsorship Coordinator, and then as Co-Chair. I have also been involved in the leadership of the Japanese Language Division of the American Translators Association as the Assistant Administrator (2013 to 2015) and then Division Administrator (2015-2017).

For a bit of background, I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, and lived and worked in Kyoto, Japan for seven years (2003 to 2010). While in Kyoto, I worked for a Japanese electronic components manufacturer at the company’s headquarters as an intellectual property specialist. After some years with the company, my department tasked me with finalizing a system for and actually evaluating the outsourced patent document translations we received. This experience taught me to listen to what is needed, pay attention to what has been tried, and experiment with new methods to find a solution.

On returning to the USA, I have been actively learning the intricacies of managing my career and business as a sole practitioner, and more specifically as a Japanese to English translator specializing in patents. Beyond ensuring JAT can continue its mission, I do not have a specific agenda as a Director. I intend to listen closely to the needs at hand, gather information through whatever networks and resources I have available, and focus on what needs to be done to perform effectively as a Director.

Endorser Statement / 推薦人の推薦文

Nadine Edwards has been involved with the JAT Tech team for several years, led the Japanese Language Division as the assistant chair for two years and then the chair for another two, and served as both registrar and then co-chair of IJET-28 in Columbus, Ohio. I heartily endorse Nadine in her bid to join the JAT Board as a director. She has proven her ability to contribute and get things done.

Cliff Bender, current JAT director


Candidate for auditor *監事の立候補者*

Danny MacLeith / ダニエル・マックリース

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

In my tenth year as a JAT member and full-time translator, I feel compelled to run for office in an effort to repay some of what I have gained from this fine organization. From my experience on the organizing committees for PROJECT Kyoto 2015 (Program Director) and IJET-27 Sendai (Treasurer), the natural progression is to the position of Auditor. If elected, I intend to study the relevant laws and bylaws so that I can provide informed, measured, well-timed input to facilitate the Board’s discussions and decisions. I’m also proficient with numbers and finances, so I expect to be a second set of eyes come audit time and to contribute to streamlining the budget if necessary. I look forward to helping JAT stay running strong if enough of you agree to give me that opportunity.

Endorser Statement / 推薦人の推薦文

I am thrilled to be asked to endorse Danny in his campaign to run for Auditor of JAT. I have known Danny for about 10 years since he first started coming to KAT meetings and when I was looking for people in 2014 I asked him to join me on the committee for PROJECT Kyoto 2015. Working with Danny on the committee was a pleasure. Anything he didn't know at the beginning he was an expert in very soon after. Over the years he has set his eye on a goal and worked to achieve it despite any obstacles. Danny gives 100% to any endeavours he takes on and I have no doubt he will do the same if he is elected to the Auditor position.

Cat Nakamichi, PROJECT Kyoto Committee Chair