The 2017 JAT Board Election will officially start from June 4, 2017 (0:00:00 JST). Please take the time to vote and choose those who will help run JAT for the next two years.

This year we have 6 people running for director to fill 7 possible openings, and 1 person running to fill 1 auditor opening.

Please use the following link to cast your vote. (You need to login as a member.)

Election voting form:

You may vote for no more than 6 directors and no more than 1 auditor. (If you wish to vote for none of them, you can submit a blank ballot.) Keep in mind that, as stated in the JAT Bylaws, the candidates receiving at least ten percent of the total number of votes will be declared elected.

You have until 10 June 2017 (22:00:00 JST) to cast your vote.

Please check the candidacy statements and the election forum before casting your votes.

Candidacy Statements:

Election forum:

If you have election questions, please contact [email protected].

Thank you for taking the time to exercise your vote.

2017 JAT Election Committee

Marian Kinoshita (Chair)

John Brown

Yumeko Futaki

Yoichiro Tachibana (Technical Support)