Fellow JAT members,

A couple of requests from the Election Committee.

* More candidates needed

As those of you who have been following the election forum will have noticed (http://jat.org/forums/viewforum/3/), not enough members have declared their intention of running in this election at this stage to fill the vacant positions. If this situation continues, it could have implications for the future operation of JAT. We would therefore ask as many of you as possible to consider running in this election.
To those of you who have not yet looked at the forum, we encourage you to do so.

From this year, candidates wishing to run for an Officer position must first declare their intention on the forum and ask for endorsements. Even if you do not plan to run this time, why not endorse any candidates whose bids you would like to support? You may also write endorsements at the time the candidates you support formally register.

We have summarized the changes in the way this year’s election is being run compared to last year’s. See the following thread for details http://jat.org/forums/viewthread/59/

Note that the deadline for candidacy registration is March 14 (23:59:59 JST).

* To those of you with experience as a JAT Director or Auditor

We are calling for Officer testimonials once again this year. Please post yours either directly on the forum or e-mail us at [email protected].
As this is the third year that we have called for testimonials, many of you may be thinking, “But I did that already.” Perhaps you would consider allowing us to post your past testimonials again? If so, let us know at [email protected] and we will repost a copy of your previous testimonials on the forum.

We realize that it is a busy time of year for many and appreciate your cooperation.

2012 JAT Election Committee
Yoko Kawabe (Chair)
Thomas Kaiser
Wendy McBride