Only four days remain to register/declare candidacy in the 2017 JAT election!

Still mulling over whether you want to run or not? Maybe this will help…


1. Can candidates endorse each other? YES!

2. How many Board meetings are held each year? In general, there are two face-to-face meetings, one in the spring/early summer (often held in connection with IJET) and one in the fall (most often in Tokyo). Other than those two biggies, the Board uses Basecamp (online meeting app) to handle various discussions throughout the year, as well as Skype. Directors don’t have to be at the face-to-face meetings. They can attend by Skype or be absent if necessary.

3. Can members living outside Japan run for office? YES. We currently have 2 directors and 2 auditors living outside Japan. Don’t let location prevent you from supporting JAT!

Please post your questions and comments on the Board Election Forum (sign up for the forum from your account page):


The deadline for declaring/registering candidacy is this Friday, May 26, at 22:00 JST.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, please recall that:

Candidates for director must have been JAT members in good standing for the entire year preceding the deadline for submitting candidacy statements, which is the end of the declaration/registration period at 22:00:00 on May 26. Endorsers must be members in good standing as of the date on which they submit their endorsement statement.

Candidates need to supply full name, gender, nationality, address of current residence, home telephone number, and primary JAT e-mail address, together with the full names, primary JAT e-mail addresses and endorsement statements of 3 endorsers. Candidacy statements should provide some indication of how candidates envision JAT’s evolution. Endorsement statements should give some indication of the endorser’s relationship with the candidate and the skills/attributes the endorser believes the candidate possesses that make him or her a good choice. Candidacy and endorsement statements may be up to 300 words or 600 characters in length.

The Election Committee requests endorsers to send a brief e-mail to [email protected] confirming the names of each candidate they have endorsed, together with their endorsement statement/s.

The Election Committee will not announce any candidates until after the registration period closes and the eligibility of the candidates and their endorsers has been verified. Candidates will be deemed registered only upon said verification.

As the Election Committee needs time to verify eligibility and endorsements, we encourage candidates to submit candidacy statements early. There may be a delay in the start of the campaigning period if necessary for verification of candidate and/or endorser eligibility.

You must click on this link to formally register your candidacy (must log in first).

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the election committee at: [email protected]

2017 JAT Election Committee

Marian Kinoshita (Chair)

John Brown

Yumeko Futaki

Yoichiro Tachibana (Technical support)