Dear JAT members,

The JAT Anthology wants to hear from you. Not only that, we want to help the whole world hear from you, assuming what you say is about translation/ interpretation.

It is now the third year since the pandemic began. The emergence of new COVID-19 variants doesn’t free us from all anxiety, yet we have to live a life. Amid restrictions, firms increasingly resume to their activities, introducing new ways to continue business, in efforts not to stagnate economy and industries. Albeit the changes in circumstances, where some industries became busier or encountered falls in their operating conditions due to the pandemic, you might have adapted yourselves and obtained various insights to continue your business. What have you learned from this? What are your take-aways from this pandemic year so far—or more broadly from your career so far? Conceived in the hope we can learn not only from our own experience but also from others’ experiences, the JAT Translator Perspectives anthology would like to hear from you so that JAT members and other anthology readers can learn from you.

The guidelines are that your essay should be up to 600 words in English or up to 1800 characters in Japanese. The essay should also have a title and your name (including how to pronounce it). In no case may the essay exceed two printed pages. (This is something that will be obvious when it is laid out. We will ask you to trim it if it runs over.)

Deadline: August 1st

Submit to: anthology[a]

In principle, we will not edit your essay. What you write is who you are. Rather, we will just collect the essays and send them to the printer, who will standardize the font and type size and do the lay-out. Once we get things back from the printer, we will send you your essay and ask you to proof it, tell us what, if anything, needs to be corrected and the corrected essay will be printed. As mentioned, there is no provision for us to edit your essay. Getting it right is your responsibility.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to introduce that Peter Winchcomb-Wada, Nobumi Suzuki and Yukari Watanabe have taken over the Anthology activities from our great predecessors, Fred Uleman and Akiko Endo, and will keep the team going from 2022 and onward.

We look forward to hearing from you. Essays (and questions) should be sent to Thank you.

Anthology Committee (Peter Winchcomb-Wada, Nobumi Suzuki, Yukari Watanabe)