Dear JAT Members,

The 2022 JAT Election Committee would like to announce this year’s candidates for Director.

List of Candidates (Candidate details appear at the end of this announcement.)

・ 二木 夢子 / Yumeko Futaki (director)
・ シグマン アリソン / Allyson Sigman (director)
・ 渡邉ユカリ / Yukari Watanabe (director)
・ スティーブンス・ヒース ノラ / Nora Stevens Heath (auditor)

We would like to express our thanks to the candidates. If you believe there is a mistake or missed entry in the list of candidates, send an email to [email protected] ASAP.

The election campaign lasts until June 4 (10 PM JST).

Feel free to ask questions or post comments on the 2022 Board Election Forum . For information on how to use JAT Forums, see below.
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Best regards,

2022 JAT Election Committee
Chiharu Hirabayashi (Chair)
Henry Smith
Shiho Koizumi


■ Candidate details / 立候補者の詳細

Candidates for director *理事の立候補者*

二木 夢子 / Yumeko Futaki (director)

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

Current board member, endorser statement / 推薦人の推薦文

シグマン アリソン / Allyson Sigman (director)

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文
As a seasoned interpreter, I have come to value the importance of keeping connections with my colleagues and of professional development. The Covid pandemic gave us the opportunity to find new ways to build bridges. As we come out of the many restrictions, it will be an honor to continue to serve the JAT membership by bringing new programing and hopefully resurrecting IJET from its multi-year hiatus. (Current board member, endorser statement not necessary / 推薦人の推薦文 不要)

渡邉ユカリ / Yukari Watanabe (director)

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

Current board member, endorser statement / 推薦人の推薦文


Candidates for auditor *監事の立候補者*

スティーブンス・ヒース ノラ / Nora Stevens Heath (auditor)

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文
I would be honored to serve JAT again as junior Auditor, having served for two terms in 2013-2017. JAT Auditors are responsible mainly for making sure that the Directors perform their duties appropriately and in the best interests of the organization and its members, as well as overseeing JAT's finances, making certain that everything adds up. They are also called upon to offer opinions to the Directors on these matters. My past time as Director from 2005 to 2009 gives me essential background to the workings of the JAT Board, which helped immensely during my first experience as Auditor. I intend to use my time spent previously with the JAT Board to return confidently to the Auditor role, where I'll use my sensible, reasoned point of view and my knowledge of JAT's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to ensure that the Board is doing everything appropriate and possible to make JAT the best organization it can be.

Current board member, endorser statement / 推薦人の推薦文
Though Nora and I have known each other for much longer, we have worked together on the J-E translation contest as screeners for the last decade and she is sure a stickler for the rules. We've never crossed swords, but it's good to work with someone who you can depend on. Nora has rich experience on the JAT board, and this will serve her well as an eagle-eyed auditor for our association. George Bourdaniotis