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We are pleased to announce that the next JAT eJuku session will be held as indicated below. For general information on eJuku, please visit the webpage "What is e-Juku?"

Spring 2021 J>E eJuku session

- Language direction: Japanese to English
- Format: online forum discussion and series of videoconferences
- Period: mid-April through early June 2021 (see below)
- Fees: None

- Eligibility:
1. JAT membership through to the end of the session (non-members required to join JAT after being selected as eJuku participants)
2. Native or near-native English proficiency (eJuku is a place for polishing already impeccable English)
3. Ideally no more than a couple of years' experience as a professional translator
4. High motivation to learn and pledge to participate actively in the planned videoconferences (ideally all of them) and forum discussions (ideally on a daily basis)-

- Tentative schedule:

Today: eJuku announced
Mid-April: Call for Participants sent to inquirers
Late April: Applicants screened
By early May: Participants selected and notified
May 8 (Sat): 1st get-to-know videoconference
May 10 (Mon): Translation submission
May 15 (Sat): 2nd videoconference to be followed by forum discussion
May 22 (Sat): 3rd videoconference to be followed by forum discussion
May 29 (Sat): 4th videoconference to be followed by forum discussion
Questionnaire distributed; wrap-up
June 5 (Sat): Forum closed, turned read-only for a while

*Videoconferences are usually held on Saturday mornings 10:00 to 11:30 JST.

- Application and screening:

If you would like to know more about the upcoming eJuku session or are interested in participating, please write to Shu, the eJuku coordinator, immediately. He will send you a Call for Participants document, which will contain all necessary information, including the source text, for you to make a decision to apply. If there is overwhelming demand, the call may be closed when a reasonable limit to the number of applicants has been reached.

If you know anyone you think might be interested, please send this along to them.

Shuichi Yamakawa ("Shu")

Spring 2021 J>E eJuku Coordinator