Dear JAT members,

The 9th (or 7th J>E) e-Juku Session is in the works and due to start very soon. Our e-Juku program, launched in 2009 (see below), has been a great opportunity for novice translators to get hands-on training on the art of translation under the guidance of seasoned translators. Called the JAT Online Translation Workshop (JOTW), the Japanese-to-English side of eJuku has been a venue for peer-to-peer discussion among participants, using text-based interaction as well as videoconferencing, facilitated by the mentor translators.

We are planning the next J>E eJuku session as follows:

- Period: September & October 2014.

- Application window: one week upon the release of a Call for Participants (see below).

- Eligibility: current or potential JAT members, relatively new to J>E translation, with native or near-native English proficiency.

- Cost: None. eJuku sessions are conducted on a volunteer basis, free of charge, for the sake of JAT members.

- Screening: 5 to 8 participants will be selected on the basis of their needs and enthusiasm, with little regard to their current translation capability per se.

- Call for Participants: an official notice will be posted to JAT-List(*) in a week's time, with all necessary information including a detailed session schedule, ground rules, exercise instructions, mentor/coordinator profiles and the source text.

(* If you are not on JAT-List, you can ask the coordinator to send you a copy when it becomes available.)

- Mentors: Jeremy Angel and Richard Sadowsky (native English speakers)

- Checker and coordinator: Shuichi Yamakawa (native Japanese speaker)

Fact Sheet on eJuku history:

No.1 J>E 1 October 2009
No.2 E>J 1 January 2010
No.3 J>E 2 February 2010
No.4 J>E 3 November 2011
No.5 J>E 4 April 2012 (Spring 2012 JOTW)
No.6 J>E 5 October 2012 (Fall 2012 JOTW)
No.7 E>J 2  August 2013
No.8 J>E 6 September 2013 (Fall 2013 JOTW)
No.9 J>E 7 September 2014 (Fall 2014 JOTW)

We thank you in advance for your interest in eJuku.

Shu (Shuichi Yamakawa)
Fall 2014 JOTW J>E eJuku checker & coordinator