JAT Board Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes

Date and venue
14:00-17:00, Friday, June 1, 2012
International Conference Center Hiroshima

Charles Aschmann (part) – CA
Chris Blakeslee – CB
Koji Himeno – KH
Helen Iwata (chair) – HI
Megumi Kimoto – MK
Marian Kinoshita – MKs
Cat Nakamichi – CN
Karen Sandness – KS
Fred Uleman – FU
Frank Moorhead – FM
Emily Shibata-Sato (minutes) – ES

Discussion items

1. Decide whether non-members can contribute to the anthology
Agreed to accept contributions from non-members.

2. Decide to how to proceed with ISO
FU will attend the meeting to be held on June 13.
JAT will not take part in the ISO Madrid world conference in late June.

3. Propose candidates for Japanese auditor to replace ES
We need a Japanese auditor after ES’s term ends next year and listed several people to talk to about the possibility of running in the election

4. Decide whether to continue with NPO status or seek 一般社団法人 or other legal status
Agreed to continue thinking about advantages and disadvantages of being an NPO and other legal entities.

5. Decide contest scale from PR perspective
Agreed to promote the contest as much as possible. If the number of entries is larger than expected, we will bring in more screeners and add an additional layer of screening.
The new contest committee will
- secure screeners and judges
- consider whether to charge an entry fee, and the appropriate amount, to ensure serious entries and contribute to paying honoraria for judges and screeners

6. Confirm policy around waiving IJET (PROJECT) registration fee
Agreed to raise the waiver from four to the equivalent amount of six early-bird JAT-member registration fees.

7. Update IJET Manual status
FM, FU, HI, and KS will review CN’s latest draft of the IJET Manual and comment as soon as possible. CN will compile the comments and submit the revised IJET Manual for Board approval by the end of August.
This version will be used as a reference for PROJECTs until we have time to draft a PROJECT Manual.

8. Decide portfolios/roles
President: HI
Vice President: CA
Treasurer: MK (assistant: Fred)
Membership: MKs(Chris until the new system is launched)
Contest: MKs
Webmaster: CA (assistant: Yoichiro Tachibana)
(J translation, content, technical)
Legal: MK
Elections: HI
Publications (anthology, style guide, etc.): KS, (assistant: FU)
e-Juku/JOTW: HI
Organization (FIT, JTF, JST, ATA, ITI): FU (international) and KH (domestic)
ISO: FU and ES
Moderators: CA
askjat: MKs