JAT received 42* valid entries for the Japanese-to-English division
and 52 valid entries for the English-to-Japanese division of its 7th
annual translation contest by close of entries on November 2, 2010.
*November 6, 2010, announcement of 41 was a typo.

The following finalists were announced on December 21, 2010, five for
the J-to-E division and seven for the E-to-J division.

J-to-E finalists:
E11 Monica Kassab
E16 Zhian Khonsary
E24 Sarah Disley
E26 Dianne Kirk
E34 Joseph Sem

E-to-J finalists:
J18 Makihiro Aratani
J30 Miyuki Koyanagi
J31 Asatani Takehito
J36 Mikiko Ikeda
J40 Masakazu Takano
J43 Taeko Yamada
J46 Yukiko Oda

After much deliberation, the judges awarded the following prizes.

First place: E16, Zhian Khonsary
Second place: E24, Sarah Disley

First place: J46, Yukiko Oda
Second place: J43, Taeko Yamada

We thank all entrants for their interest in the 2010 contest and for
their hard work. Even if you did not win, we hope that the contest was
a challenging and worthwhile exercise. And remember that past entrants
are welcome to enter again this year (2011) as long as they still meet
the entry criteria.

Judges commentaries will be available in the coming days. Keep
an eye out for them, even if they don't relate specifically to your
entry, as they are always an invaluable source of insight on
translating the source texts and translation in general.

Contest Committee
Emily Shibata-Sato
Mark Stevenson