Call for Anthology-4 Essays: JAT members only

Networking opportunities: one of the many great things about JAT. Whether you do it at an IJET or at a smaller gathering, networking is a chance to share questions, insights, and war stories—a chance to talk about what translation is really all about and how it should be done. But not everyone can come to these sessions. And the insights do not necessarily go out to the non-translator people—the agencies, clients, and educators who do so much to shape the industry—who should hear them.

So how to get the message out? The JAT Translator Perspectives anthology. For three years, JAT members have had a chance to write their gotta-say-this pieces and have them distributed worldwide. And JAT members have the opportunity to do so again this year.

We know you have experiences, insights, and more to share. And we trust you realize this is also a chance to advertise your professionalism with a well-written, thought-provoking piece that will stick in readers’ minds.

This year, as a 30th anniversary bonus, there will be some cameo appearances by people who are not currently JAT members but were around and active when JAT was founded. This will definitely be a keeper edition, so take advantage of the chance to be in it.

Submit your essay (up to 1,000 words in English or 2,000 characters in Japanese) to the Anthology Comittee no later than July 31. That gives you time to think about all the things you learned at IJET-26 and to organize the things you wish you had told other translators there. If you missed IJET-26, it gives you time to put those regrets aside, get over your anxieties, and go public with your rant. In short, there is enough time and really no excuse for not writing for the 2015 anthology.

We look forward to hearing from you—name, essay title, and essay—and sharing your thoughts with the rest of the translation world.