Has your client ever refused to raise your tax-inclusive rate, despite the consumption tax increase? Has your client ever told you they cannot pay you consumption tax because you are a tax-exempt service provider?

The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency has established a service to help subcontractors address these problems.

Contact the help desk for advice in situations such as when your client has failed to make appropriate payments.

The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (Office for Proper Transfer of Consumption Tax)
Phone: 03-3501-1503
Mr. Tadaharu Chiba: chiba-tadaharu @ meti.go.jp
Mr. Hajime Ito: ito-hajime @ meti.go.jp
*Please omit the spaces before and after @.

Help desk for small enterprises/freelancers
Phone: 0120-418-618
URL: http://www.zenkyo.or.jp/kakekomi/

Please see the blog entry linked below for JAT's 2015 report on consumption tax to the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.