This year, we will issue the third annual Translator Perspectives anthology of insights and other wisdom from JAT members. We hope you will contribute.

Among the many possible topics are: insights into the translation process, hints for clients wanting to get the best translation service, reminders to translation readers, comments on translation as a business, reflections on the year just past, and speculation on how the profession will evolve. (Note: in all of this, “translation” is assumed to include interpretation.) What do you think other translators should remember? What do you wish your clients knew? Here is your chance to tell them, in a publication that will go out in the thousands.

Your essay does not need to be long—and should be no longer than 1,200 words or 2,100 characters—but it must be received by July 23, 2014, at latest. Please feel free to write in either Japanese or English.

Participation is limited to JAT members, and every JAT member will get a complimentary copy, as will leading universities, translation-related companies, libraries, and more worldwide. An electronic version will also be published.

If you are not already a JAT member, please click here for information on how to join and become eligible for this opportunity—and the whole range of other benefits that go with JAT membership. Questions and, even better, essays should please be addressed to: [email protected]