The 2009 JAT election is over. Total turnout was 48.5%. Summary results
are below, followed by detailed breakdowns. Thanks to all who ran in the
election and to all the JAT members who voted. And congratulations to
all the successful candidates and commiserations to those who were
unsuccessful. Results are also available in PDF format.

Auditor: Emily Shibata-Sato (two-year term)

Directors (two-year terms except where noted):
Charles Aschmann
Peter Durfee (one-year term)
Helen Iwata
Phil Robertson
Fred Uleman

Total eligible votes: 443
Votes received: 221
Dupe votes: 3 (second votes discarded)
Invalid ID vote: 1
False member votes 2 (User name for these votes was edited by the voter,
invalidating the ballot. Probably a failure to follow instructions.)
Total invalid votes: 6
Valid votes (221-6) = 215
Voting rate 48.5%

Detailed results follow.


Emily Shibata-Sato (elected)
Yea 182
Nay 10
Total 172

Cliff Bender
Yea 133
Nay 23
Total 110

Andrew Welford
Yea 39
Nay 43
Total -4


Charles Aschmann (elected, 2-year term)
Yea 116
Nay 16
Total 100

Stephen Carter
Yea 100
Nay 15
Total 85

Hendrik Daiku
Yea 117
Nay 29
Total 88

Peter Durfee (elected, 1-year term)
Yea 108
Nay 18
Total 90

Brian Hyman
Yea 98
Nay 46
Total 52

Helen Iwata (elected, 2-year term)
Yea 178
Nay 4
Total 174

Phil Robertson (elected, 2-year term)
Yea 112
Nay 21
Total 91

Jed Schmidt
Yea 115
Nay 40
Total 75

Mark Stevenson
Yea 87
Nay 22
Total 65

Fred Uleman (elected, 2-year term)
Yea 129
Nay 31
Total 98