Fellow JAT members,

As you recently heard from Ben Tompkins, our illustrious president, JAT’s 2017 Election is about to begin. To review how many positions are open, who is up for re-election, etc., please take a look at the initial announcement https://jat.org/forums/viewthread/286/ (must log in). In a nutshell, we can elect up to 7 directors and 1 auditor in this year’s election.
数日前に、我らが理事長、ベン・トンプキンスからアナウンスがありましたが、JATの2017年選挙がそろそろ始まります。選挙で理事を7名まで、監事は1名選出可能です。詳細は https://jat.org/ja/forums/viewthread/285/ をご参照ください。(ログインが必要です。)

When the clock strikes midnight tonight in Japan (00:00:00 JST on May 13, 2017) we begin accepting candidacy registrations at https://jat.org/form/jat_2017_board_candidacy (must log in).
日本時間で5月13日に日付が変わりましたら(00:00:00 JST)、立候補受付を https://jat.org/ja/form/jat_2017_board_candidacy (要ログイン)にて開始します。

* If you are a non-member and wish to run for auditor, please contact us at [email protected] .
※非会員の方が監事に立候補される場合は、[email protected]までご連絡ください。

The candidacy declaration/registration period ends at 22:00:00 JST, May 26, and the campaign period starts at 00:00:00 JST, May 28. Each candidate needs to submit a Board Candidacy form including a Candidate Statement and 3 Endorsements. The Election Committee needs time to verify eligibility and endorsements, so we strongly encourage candidates to submit their candidacy statements and 3 endorsements as early as possible.
立候補受付は 5月26日(22:00:00 JST)に終了し、選挙運動期間が5月28日(00:00:00 JST)から始まります。各立候補者は立候補者フォーム(立候補者声明文と推薦文(三通)を含む)を提出する必要があります。ただし、選挙管理委員会は、立候補資格と推薦人を確認する義務があるため、早目の登録をお願いいたします。

Candidate statements should describe why the candidate feels he/she would be a well-serving director/auditor and what areas of JAT he/she would like to support and improve. Endorser statements should (1) specify how long and in what capacity the endorser has known the candidate and (2) why they feel the candidate is fit to support JAT as director or auditor. (Candidate/endorser statements can be up to 300 words or 600 characters.)

We remind you that candidates for director must have been JAT members in good standing for the entire year preceding the deadline for submitting candidacy statements, and that endorsers must be members in good standing as of the date on which they submit their endorsement statements. We also request that endorsers send a brief e-mail to [email protected] confirming the names of each candidate they endorse. The Election Committee may follow up, if necessary.
理事の立候補者は、立候補締め切りの時点で1年以上JATに在籍していなければなりません。推薦人は、推薦文を提出する時点でJATの正式会員でなければなりません。推薦人の方は、どの候補者を推薦するかを [email protected] 宛てにお知らせください。選挙管理員会が適宜対応いたします。

The Election Committee hopes for an abundance of candidates and fruitful discussions leading up to the voting period.

委員長 木下マリアン
委員 ジョン・ブラウン
委員 二木夢子
委員 立花陽一郎(技術サポート)
2017 JAT Election Committee
Marian Kinoshita (Chair)
John Brown
Yumeko Futaki
Yoichiro Tachibana (Technical support)

Board Candidacy form: https://jat.org/form/jat_2017_board_candidacy (must log in)
立候補者フォーム: https://jat.org/ja/form/jat_2017_board_candidacy (要ログイン)

Election schedule 選挙スケジュール:
2017/5/13-2017/5/26:立候補期間(14日間)(Registration period)
2017/5/28-2017/6/3:選挙運動期間(7日間)(Campaign period)
2017/6/4-2017/6/10:選挙投票期間(7日間)(Election voting period)
2017/6/12:選挙結果発表 Announcement of election results