At JAT, we have compiled the answers to the often-raised questions among translators who live outside Japan and work for Japan-based clients:

Are Japan-based clients supposed to deduct tax from payments for translation work? If so, are there ways to avoid such withholding taxes?

On November 10, 2007, we had JAT’s tax accountant, Mr. Masaru Sato, give a talk on this very subject. In addition, we had Mr. Sato prepare a document explaining the tax mechanism for us, complete with links to necessary forms. For some remaining questions raised by JAT members, we asked Mr. Sadao Kanezaki, one of the authors of “Doing Business in Japan,” also a tax accountant, to provide us with a second opinion on this topic.

JAT members may listen to the audio recording of Mr. Sato’s talk (zipped mp3 file), and get a recapitulation of the Q&A at the session (pdf file), as well as documents prepared for JAT by tax accountants Mr. Masaru Sato and Mr. Sadao Kanezaki. Note that both of these files are for members only, and can be unlocked using the password posted to the JAT list on December 20, 2007.