Tools For Legal Translators: 7 Techniques for Improving Accuracy and Consistency

January 31, 2015

Presentation Materials

Accuracy and consistency are the key to success as a legal translator. This seminar looked at the translation process, from receiving a badly scanned PDF through to the checking process prior to delivery, and introduced a number of software packages and tools that help ensure accuracy and consistency, and have the added bonus of improving productivity.

During this seminar the speaker shared computer related tips and tricks picked up over the last 15 years that are of particular relevance to legal translators. The seminar included demonstrations of:

- OCR software and tools for creating a “cleaner” document

- Translation memory software

- Glossary creation

- Macros and Word add-ins of specific use to legal translators

- Tips for using the Standard Legal Terms Dictionary and Japanese Law Translation website

- Tips for efficiently using resource materials

- Translation check software

- Bonus Tip: advice on how to synchronize Word keyboard shortcuts and macros on all your PCs

This seminar took place in English.

Speaker Profile:

Cathy Eberst has been working as a translator for over 15 years. She started freelancing in 2001 and incorporated in May 2009 (Orian). She specializes in contracts, articles of incorporation, and company rules.