■ List of candidates / 立候補者一覧
Director / 理事:
Mike Sekine
Mikako Miyahara
Yoichiro Tachibana
Paul Koehler
Ben Tompkins
Phil Robertson
Akiko Endo
Nora Heath
Stuart Ayre
■ Candidate details / 立候補者の詳細
Name / お名前 Mike Sekine
Nationality / 国籍 Japanese
Gender / 性別 Male / 男性
I hereby announce my candidacy for a director's position on the JAT Board.

I was on the Board for from 2007 to 2009, helped organize the past three IJETs in Japan, and will be supporting IJET-25 in Tokyo next year. I have always prided myself in proposing and more importantly executing ideas that provide great benefit to JAT members. Some projects I initiated in my first stint as a director are: the serial column on the Tsuyaku-Honyaku Journal (for media exposure), the video/audio archive project (giving non-Tokyo members access to TAC and other JAT events), and updating the translation contest evaluation process for more fairness and objective judging.

If elected this time, in addition to supporting all the great things that are already happening in JAT, I'd like to focus on:

- developing a long-term media strategy for JAT. More media exposure and better brand recognition among potential direct clients.

- updating the website to make it more user-accessible, not just for the members but also for the buyers of translation and interpreting (direct clients).

- creating a content management plan to make a better use of JAT's videos.

- empowering SIGs and giving them the tools needed to grow further.

- developing an outreach program where JAT members would visit local schools to talk about translation and interpreting.

- helping the IJET-25 Tokyo team put on the biggest and most successful conference ever.

I consider myself a doer. I'm interested in making things happen. With your support, I intend to do everything in my power to provide more benefit to the members.

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1) Helen Iwata
I endorse Mike Sekine for Director in the 2013 JAT Officer Elections.

Mike was on the Board from 2007 to 2009. I joined the Board after he left, so we didn't serve at the same time. However, I've always been impressed by his energy and enthusiasm to do more for JAT. He's a frequent event organizer and informative and entertaining speaker. On top of that, he negotiated and started the series of articles by JAT members in Tsuhon and was the one to propose videoing meetings for the benefit of those unable to attend in person. Both great ideas that continue to benefit JAT members.

Mike's list of areas to focus on is ambitious. It would be fabulous to be able to achieve everything. I'm especially interested in the idea of JAT members giving talks in schools and tying that up with media exposure to raise awareness about translation and JAT. This could benefit us all.

Gambare, Mike!

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2) Marian Kinoshita
I have known Mike for many years as a JAT member. Each time we have a chat at an event or TAC meeting he leaves me with a valuable morsel of professional advice to ponder. He cares deeply about the advancement of translators and interpreters in terms of rates and skills, and is continually active in mentoring members with his incredibly entertaining, occasionally outrageous, presentations. Mike has a long history of implementing successful programs within JAT and knows how to get things done. His active participation in social networks as a translator and businessman will serve JAT well as our foray into SNS-based promotion of JAT activities is still in the initial stages. The JAT membership directory has the potential to be a more effective vessel for clients to find and collaborate with professional translators and interpreters, and I feel confident that Mike will play an essential role here as well. Mike will bring a bundle of wisdom, experience, and positive vibes to the board of directors and I look forward to working with him.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3) Ben Tompkins
Having worked closely with Mike Sekine on the Miyazaki IJET Organizing Committee and seeing him in action at so many JAT activities, I was glad when he told me he was running for the Board. I happily endorse him.

Mike will be at home on the Board. He served from 2007 to 2009 and has helped organize many JAT events, big and small, since then. The Board will benefit from Mike’s extensive network of people both in and outside JAT. Mike brings interpreter representation to the board. Mike is a true bilingual, a rare quality even among JAT members. Mike is friendly. Finally, Mike always makes time to professionally and thoughtfully plan events with everyone involved so that they go off smoothly.

You may not realize it, but Mike is responsible for many of the benefits JAT members enjoy. You most certainly have seen a video of a JAT presentation, either streamed or archived, that Mike recorded. Did you know that Mike started the audio/video archiving project? You’ve likely attended an IJET or other meeting that Mike played a central role organizing. You may even have received a job through the JAT website from a client who became aware of JAT because of Mike’s publicity efforts. Vote for Mike and more such benefits will come your way.

Name / お名前 宮原 美佳子
Nationality / 国籍 日本
Gender / 性別 Female / 女性
会員期間の3年間、PROJECTでパネリスト、IJET23運営に関わり、そして通訳グループを立ち上げる中で、ボランティアで動く方々の苦労を知る一 方、JATの可能性はまだまだ広げられると感じています。具体的な可能性としては、通訳者の対外的アピール、通訳翻訳業界でのJAT存在感の強化です。そ の目的のため現理事の下マニュアル類改訂が継続中ですが、皆さんが生産性の高い仕事ができるよう、これを引き継ぎつつ実際に活動を進めていきます。

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1) Marian Kinoshita
Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working with Mikako on a few translation jobs, as well as benefiting from her presentations and hard work for JAT itself. She is always on the ball and looking out for the welfare of our members, interpreters in particular. Her energy as a facilitator, creating opportunities for professional education and improvement in the translation/interpretation field, has served as a great bonus for all JAT members. She is friendly and easy to work with and very thorough—making sure every detail is covered. Mikako brings extensive experience as vice-chair of the IJET-23 Hiroshima Organizing Committee, a huge undertaking and contribution to JAT. More recently, Mikako’s efforts in establishing the new special interest group for interpreters displays her zeal for promoting the needs of interpreters within JAT. I feel that her work here is already contributing greatly to JAT’s urgent need or a comprehensive SIG manual. Her presentations and style of communication encourage others both in the field and as JAT volunteers. Mikako’s positive outlook and overflowing energy will be a powerful addition to the board of directors and I highly recommend her as a candidate.

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2) Lee Seaman
It is my great pleasure to endorse Mikako Miyahara as a candidate for the JAT Board of Directors.

Mikako has excellent leadership skills, which I witnessed first-hand when we worked together to provide a location for the first JATPHARMA workshop before IJET in 2012. She went out of her way to help us find an excellent location, and provided other very helpful background information. The success of that workshop was instrumental in leading to the further development of the JATPHARMA group, which now numbers more than 75 members.

I have also been very impressed with her work to organize the interpreters within JAT, a group that in the past was nearly as invisible as the pharmaceutical translators. This makes JAT a more useful organization for interpreters, who are taking an increasingly important role in JAT activities, and thus enriches JAT as a whole.

I look forward to Mikako's candidacy. She is one of the people who makes JAT a good business investment for me.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3) Cathy Eberst
I have known Mikako Miyahara for about three years and consider her a close friend as well as a colleague. Having seen her in action as the vice-chairman of the IJET-23 (Hiroshima) organizing committee and the founder of the JAT interpreters SIG I am confident that she will make a good director. She does what it takes to get things done, responds promptly, and pays attention to detail while also looking at the bigger picture. She is genuine in her desire to improve the industry and is always ready to give advice and help others. As I board member I think she would work hard to promote JAT within the industry and to build on the success of the past board.

Name / お名前 Yoichiro Tachibana
Nationality / 国籍 日本
Gender / 性別 Male / 男性


私は2012年6月に理事に就任し、これまでAsst. WebmasterとしてJATの業務に従事してきました。現在、WebmasterであるCharles Aschmann理事が中心となり、内部システムの改善を続けています。一方で、ここ数年のJATの成長は目覚ましく、様々な活動が活発化し、システムに 対する多くの要求に今後も引き続き応えていくためには体制をさらに強化しなければなりません。昨年以降、私もWebmaster業務の大変さを経験してきましたが、だからこそ改善すべき点が分かります。

1.Tech teamのさらなる強化(増員、作業区分の見極め、負荷の分散)
5.Webmaster Manualの作成(将来の引き継ぎ業務を容易にする)

上記の活動を通じて、日々の対応に追われているWebmasterの現状を改善するとともに無駄を省き、次期理事会や協力してくださる方々と力を合わせ、 これまで以上に堅固な体制作りを目指します。それが今後も成長を続け社会に貢献していくであろうJATの屋台骨を支えることになると確信しています。ご理 解・ご協力を賜れば幸いです。

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1) Helen Iwata
I endorse Yoichiro Tachibana for the position of Director.
We welcomed Yoichiro onto the JAT Board with open arms last year after he had served diligently as an IJET-23 committee member. We had a big gap to fill when Sako Eaton had to step down due to personal reasons. Yoichiro more than filled that gap!
He quickly learned the webmaster ropes and also contributed to the many other JAT Board discussions. His dedication to JAT over recent months has been tremendous. I don't think members realize how much effort he has put into helping to develop the technical side of JAT, including our SNS activities, while responding to numerous daily requests.
Since moving to Tokyo, Yoichiro has been a frequent participant at JAT meetings. He always takes time at the koryukai to talk to Board and committee members about how to improve on the technical side of JAT.
I'm not sure where we would have been without Yoichiro last year, and I'm not sure where we would be without him this year, so I'm delighted that he's willing to continue to put in the effort by running in this election.
Thanks so much, Yoichiro!!!

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2) Charles Aschmann
I heartily endorse Yoichiro Tachibana for the position of Director.

As webmaster, I have worked closely with Yoichiro in his position as Assistant Webmaster and as a member of the board.
Not only has he gotten an excellent grasp of the complexities of the JAT website and its operations, he has moved JAT's Internet presence forward by bringing together and establishing the management of JAT's social media presence.

Yoichiro's concern for doing a quality job, his attention to detail and his ideas on how to improve both JAT's web presence and the job of JAT Webmaster make him an indispensable asset to JAT. His presence in Tokyo will allow him to be at the center of JAT activities and contribute even more by seeing the needs of JAT as they evolve.

In addition to the webmaster duties, Yoichiro has found time to contribute to the board as a whole, and I expect that role will expand if he is re-elected. As JAT becomes more complex and with the loss of many experienced directors this year, his experience will become important to the board as a whole.

I intend to help as a member of the Tech Team to because I have complete confidence that he can take JAT's web presence where it needs to be, and I heartily recommend that members cast a vote for him for director.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3) Megumi Kimoto

Name / お名前 Paul Koehler
Nationality / 国籍 USA
Gender / 性別 Male / 男性
I’d like to announce my candidacy for the JAT Board of Directors.

My name is Paul Koehler, and I am a relative newcomer to JAT, having joined in 2009. I have been a freelance translator since that time and have most recently been involved with planning PROJECT Nagoya 2011 as well as assisting with editing of the JAT Anthology. In addition, I have recently relocated to the US and live in the Los Angeles area.

I am putting my name forward for several reasons:

1. JAT has been the main catalyst for my translation career, and I am extremely thankful to the organization for this. I feel that serving on the board would be a way to pay back for that help, in addition to learning a little more about the organization itself.
2. I feel that JAT’s ability to get translators started is an extremely strong asset, and as a relatively new member I would be able to communicate this clearly to any new members.
3. I have been happy with the development of PROJECT and pre-IJET seminars and also with regional meetings. They have been a wonderful way to offer events outside of the Kanto area. While I have traveled quite a lot to attend events in both Tokyo and Osaka, one of the main reasons I wanted to help run PROJECT Nagoya was to attract new members from different areas. I feel that this will be a way to grow JAT even further in the future.

I hesitated about joining the PROJECT Nagoya 2011 team at first, but joining was a wonderful decision. I hope doing this will be the same.

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1) Christopher Blakeslee
Please accept this endorsement of Mr. Paul Koehler’s candidacy for JAT director. I first met Paul in Nagoya at a translator gathering he organized in 2010. He was a dedicated organizer of those gatherings, and never gave up even when he got little response. Nagoya translators can be a rough bunch to gather, but he was able to do it time and again. Paul was also a key member of the committee that organized Project Nagoya. Paul has totally dedicated himself into the translation profession, and would be a good ambassador for JAT. Since he has already proven his mettle as a JAT volunteer, I think he’s ready to become a director.

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2) Monica Pinda
It gives me great pleasure to offer the following as an endorsement of Mr Paul Koehler for his candidacy as a JAT Director.

My association with Paul has largely been a “virtual” one. We were part of a multi–country team of translators formed in December 2011 to translate a series of highly technical and confidential documents with extremely tight, rolling deadlines. Some translators were located in other time zones so Paul, one other translator and I formed a subgroup in the Japan – Australia time zone to offer mutual support. Over the following eight months during which I was professionally associated with Paul, I formed the opinion that he is circumspect, conscientious, hard-working and collaborative and either delivers what he promises or gives advance notice if any unforeseen delays occur; all admirable traits for anyone working in a team environment. He is also technically savvy (computer-wise), another attribute that would stand him in good stead as a JAT Director!

I finally met Paul in person at the IJET conference in Hiroshima in June 2012 and found that his “in person” presence very much mirrors his on-line professional persona. I believe that becoming an officer of any association should be symbiotic and that directors should derive benefits as well as deliver them. I think Paul could make a real contribution as a director and in turn I think fulfilling such a role will enhance his professional confidence and skills.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3) Richard Sadowsky
I've known Paul Koehler since JAT's Project Osaka held in Nov. 2009. If memory serves correctly, he came up to me before the start of the conference, introduced himself as a newcomer, and asked me a burning question, "Does a person have to move to Tokyo to get work as a translator?" Paul was living in Nagoya at the time. The answer is now irrelevant, as he has become newly transplanted in the U.S. But during his tenure in Japan, Paul was a regular participant in JAT events and gatherings, even joining the Kansai crowd at a summer party in Kobe. He was also an organizer, helping to put together the successful Project Nagoya for JAT in Nov. 2011, the first major JAT event to be held in Nagoya. Paul has a self-effacing way about him (almost too much so), but it doesn't stop him from actively networking and contributing to JAT much more than the average JAT member. I'm sure Paul's good-natured, consistent demeanor would resonate well with anyone else working on the JAT Board and I for one can throw my full support behind him, confident that it could never be the wrong choice!

Name / お名前 Ben Tompkins
Nationality / 国籍 USA
Gender / 性別 Male / 男性
I’ve translated professionally for 1.5 decades and truly benefited from the help I’ve received along the way from volunteer organizations such as JAT. I’ve tried to give back whenever I could. I have served or am serving as the overall chair, publicity chair, and program chair for three IJETs, as a member of the JATPHARMA Steering Committee, as Secretary-Treasurer of the Japanese Language Division of the American Translators Association, in several officer roles in local groups for translators.

Now I want to serve as a director in JAT.

Through my volunteer efforts, I have found that I enjoy organizing events where people can come together to achieve synergy and learn from each other. That’s why my goals as director, listed below, are meeting and SIG intensive.

If elected, I will:
• Help develop SIGs in quality and quantity.
• More heavily involve the growing number of native Japanese speaking JAT members.
• Empower JAT members to interact virtually and in person to accomplish things that individuals often find difficult (e.g., writing handbooks, assembling and editing large glossaries, interacting with translation users).
• Foster budding and existing efforts to bring about institutionalized teaching and training.
• Explore the possibility of holding multi-SIG gatherings and, if interest is sufficient, help set up such gatherings.
• Represent pharma and biomedical translators and interpreters.
• Represent translators and interpreters in Kyushu.

Please help me achieve these goals by voting for me.

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1) Mike Sekine




Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2) Helen Iwata
I endorse Ben Tompkins for the position of Director.

Ben’s list of volunteer activities for JAT is impressive. I was delighted to hear that Ben was going to run in this election because he’s sure to make an ideal Director.

Ben has proven dedication to JAT. His experiences to date will help him better understand the needs of our committees, so that he can give them the best support. What's more, Ben is the sort of person who makes those who work with him feel good about what they do. I have personally been motivated on several occasions when Ben has made positive comments. When Board and committee members are motivated, they do more for JAT - and that means greater benefits for all our members.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3) Fred Uleman
I am pleased to endorse Ben Tompkins’s candidacy for JAT Director. Ben has the kind of initiative, energy, and open-mindedness that will make him a great fit. Examples? When the pharma group was coalescing, Ben was there, helping the group stay cohesive and on track and writing for the JAT Pharma Handbook. He has since been closely involved in developing the JATPHARMA SIG. Yet he is not just pharma. He also helped with the Miyazaki IJET and is currently active on the Hawaii IJET Committee. Confident he will make a good Director, I look forward to voting for him.

Name / お名前 Phil Robertson
Nationality / 国籍 British
Gender / 性別 Male / 男性
JAT has made excellent progress over the last few years and I look forward to seeing this momentum continue in the years ahead. However, I believe that there are also a number of ways in which the organization could be improved. If elected a Director, I would engage my fellow Board members in discussion of various issues with a view to making JAT a thorough-going professional organization. These would include the following:
• Re-instatement of the JAT-admin mailing list (as an opt-out list) for discussion of the running of JAT, since hardly anyone seems to be using the website forums;
• Production and distribution of proceedings for the last few IJETs (2009–2012);
• Establishment of a voluntary one-to-one mentoring system where experienced translators are paired with new translators and can pass on their knowledge (either face-to-face or via Skype);
• The purchase and maintenance of a standardized set of equipment to allow live streaming and archiving of all sessions of all major JAT events;
• The drafting and adoption of a statement on language direction, professionalism, and quality in translation, akin to those of the ATA and ITI;
• A structure to support CSR activities, whereby JAT members could volunteer their language skills to help those in need (such as in case of medical emergency or legal difficulties, or in time of natural disaster).
• Close attention to the timely update of JAT website content.
Having served on the Board previously, I feel that my experience would benefit the next Board, and I look forward to a further opportunity to help shape the future of this fine organization.

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1) Richard Walker
I am pleased to endorse Phil Robertson as a candidate for director. Phil has previously served as a director of JAT and will therefore bring experience and perspective to the Board. He is also well known and highly regarded in the translation community both as a translator and as an agency operator, and on a personal level is open, approachable and level-headed. I am confident he will work well as a member of the Board and provide the direction and caliber of leadership that JAT needs as it continues to grow and evolve.

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2) Dan Castellano
I am pleased to offer my endorsement of Phil Robertson as a candidate for JAT Director. I have no doubt that for anyone who was a JAT member during Phil’s previous tenure as Director, his outstanding record speaks for itself.
On a personal note, however, I would just like to add that I have known Phil for many years, as a fellow JAT member, business associate, and friend. I have always been impressed with his ability to see through the smokescreens, and to clearly identify what the really important issues are. He calls them as he sees them, never pulling punches, but at the same time keeping his cool (and his sense of humor) even when the topic on the table gets a little hot.
I think that all these qualities make Phil ideally suited to the position of Director, and I would be very happy to see him serve another term.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3) Paul Flint
I endorse Phil Robertson for director in the next JAT elections.

He is a long-time colleague of mine at Y.K. Honyaku Plus.

He would make a good director because (a) he has a good track record as
a director with two terms served back-to-back (b) he has done a lot to
contribute to JAT in the past in addition to his service as a director,
participating in many IJETs and other JAT activities.

Name / お名前 Akiko Endo
Nationality / 国籍 Japan
Gender / 性別 Male / 女性
JATに入会し、月例会やIJETに参加し、JATのMaillistでのやり取りを読んで感じたことは、JATはプロの集団であることです。プロは時には自分のKnow-howを他人と分かち合うことを躊躇しますが、JATの会員は出し惜しみをせず、助け合っていることに共感しました。理事だの役員だのに関わらず、出来る人が出来ることをする、という精神が徹底しているのにも非常に感服いたしました。また、今までいろいろな団体や協会に関係しましたが、かなり一方通行で、あまりにも組織化していて、一般会員が入り込める余地がないのが現状ですが、JATにはそれがなく、両面通行であることです。この良さ を保持していくべきだと考えます。また、JATの理事は他の団体の理事と異なり、いわゆるWorking Boardであること。それ故、理事の方々、会員の方々のために、裏方としてサポートできたら幸いです。
日本の大学を卒業後、在日米海軍の小学校で日本語・日本文化を教え、米国で高校の代教をしながら大学院に通った後、語学学校のディレクターとして経営を学 び、フロリダ州、中南米で語学学校、翻訳・通訳会社、レストランを経営した後、1980年後半に日米摩擦が顕著になったこともあり、南フロリダ日本協会 (501C(3)非営利団体)を立ち上げ、12年間専務理事として社会奉仕をし、日本に帰国。コンサルタント、翻訳、通訳をする傍ら大学で翻訳・通訳を教え、国際交流センターを立ち上げ、退職後、コンサルタント、翻訳・通訳に専念。

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1) Christopher Blakslee
Please accept this endorsement of Ms. Akiko Endo’s candidacy for JAT director. I first met Ms. Endo in 1990, when she was the Director of the Japan Society of South Florida, and her strong degree of competency in managing and growing a non-profit organization was immediately evident. We worked together in the early 1990s on several initiatives promoting a greater Japanese business presence in Miami. We have spoken recently about JAT’s future, and she has numerous ideas and potential strategies for making JAT a better and stronger organization. Not only that, as a well-organized, tireless worker she has the ability to see them through to implementation. She is a doer as well as a thinker. I heartily endorse Akiko Endo as a candidate for JAT director.

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2) Fred Uleman
I met Endo Akiko when she volunteered to help with the Anthology. And I was massively impressed with her energy, good sense, and ability to get things done. Not only did she play an important part in organizing, editing, and proofreading the texts, she offered to work with a printer she knows to get the Anthology and envelopes printed to our specifications at a price lower than we could have gotten anywhere else. The Anthology was, of course, a group effort, but she was a key member of that group. I am delighted that she is willing to offer her very considerable executive skills to the whole of JAT and endorse her candidacy for Director.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3) Megumi Kimoto



Name / お名前 Nora Heath
Nationality / 国籍 USA
Gender / 性別 Male / 女性

This is an exciting time for JAT, with nearly 600 members and so many new SIGs and events. I would be honored to serve as part of JAT's Board of Directors again to help keep things moving smoothly as JAT grows into the association it was always meant to be.

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1) 姫野 幸司
Nora Stevens Heathさんを以下の理由により、理事立候補者として強く推薦いたします。


Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2) Ko Iwata
This is to endorse Nora Stevens Heath as a JAT director.
I worked with Nora on the JAT Board from 2005 to 2008 when Nora acted as the Membership Secretary.
Although she is located in the US, she quickly and efficiently responded to all the membership requests, as if she was working around the clock.
Regarding issues that arose within JAT, she was constantly cool and level headed, showing integrity when machinations occurred during her short lived JAT presidency.
I must admit it was quite an amazing feat and a great role model, considering that she was with child at that time.
As the current JAT Board has matured in many aspects, I am sure that she will be the right fit to oversee that the Board stays in shape.
After leaving the JAT Board, Nora and I have volunteered to evaluate the translations for the JAT Contest.
We have worked amicably throughout even if we do not agree on some of the details of the submissions.
I have no doubt that Nora will be a great asset to the future of JAT.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3) George Bourdaniotis
Nora and I have worked together on the J-E translation contest as screeners for the last 3 years and she is conscientious and thorough—a pleasure to work with. Her previous experience on the JAT board will serve her well as the board pushes ahead with its current initiatives.

Name / お名前 Stuart Ayre
Nationality / 国籍 British
Gender / 性別 Male / 男性
If I’m elected onto the JAT Board of Directors, I would like to work on the following two tasks (order has no significance):

1. Rev up JAT's PR engine
In addition to taking care of the current PR activities, I would like to forge fresh links with the BCCJ and the ACCJ. Links with these chambers of commerce in the form of talks and networking events will highlight the importance of translators and interpreters to their members and potentially tap into a reservoir of business opportunities for the JAT community.

2. Review the progress of and promote JAT's e-Juku program
I regard on-going training for translators to be crucial for maintaining and increasing one’s proficiency as a translator. I would like to collaborate with the e-Juku team to work out where the program is heading and assist it in getting there.

Finally, my motivation behind standing in this JAT election partly stems from the fulfilling time I had serving on the PROJECT Nagoya Committee in 2011. If I am elected, it will give me a chance to reciprocate the encouragement, mentoring, business opportunities, and friendships that JAT has afforded me over the past six years.

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1) Stephen Carter
I have worked with Stuart Ayre both in a professional capacity and as a fellow volunteer on the PROJECT Nagoya committee. Along with his professionalism, enthusiasm, and stellar performance as a translator and interpreter, Stuart is unfailingly level-headed, good-humored, and generous with his time -- qualities that are an asset in any organization -- and I unreservedly endorse him as a candidate for election to JAT's board of directors.

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2) Alison Watts
I first met Stuart through PROJECT Nagoya in 2011 when, as the program coordinator, he guided me with great efficiency and politeness through the intricacies of giving a presentation. I discovered then, and in subsequent conversations, that he has wide-ranging interests and many fresh ideas for speakers and JAT activities, hence I invited him to become a remote member of the Tokyo Activities Committee. Over the past two years he has made a contributed behind the scenes, offering timely comments and suggestions, which I always appreciated.

Stuart has great interpersonal skills that would stand him in good stead as a JAT director. He is trustworthy, always polite and an excellent listener – qualities that I believe cannot be underrated, especially in someone who represents the face of JAT. He also has intelligence, ideas and an energy that can only be of benefit to the organization as it continues to grow and develop in new directions. I have no hesitation in endorsing him as a candidate.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3) Paul Koehler
Stuart and I first met at PROJECT Osaka in 2009 and we worked together in the planning of PROJECT Nagoya in 2011. Stuart was responsible for putting together the program of PROJECT Nagoya, and it would not have been successful without his efforts.

In addition to his work with JAT, Stuart is a dedicated translator and interpreter with both in-house and freelance experience. We worked on a large-scale translation project last year for a demanding client that had deadlines which were as tight as they come; he got the job done while staying perfectly calm throughout.

Stuart's genial personality enables him to get along well with a lot of people. I think he will be a presence in the Japanese-English translation community for years to come, so voting for Stuart would be a smart choice for the future of our organization.