The JAT board is pleased to announce that starting today, we'll be releasing full videos of several presentations from IJET-19, for our far-flung membership to enjoy. We hope that these videos will be a good resource for those who couldn't make it to Okinawa (or who could but couldn't make it out of bed in time).

We're kicking off the series with the following presentation from JAT director-elect Chris Blakeslee:

Title: Raising Productivity with Speech Recognition
Speaker: Chris Blakeslee

Abstract: When the translation industry made the leap a few decades ago to computer-based word processing, it left its typewriters behind. The next big leap, to speech recognition, does not require leaving our keyboards behind. Not only will I introduce you to this awesome technology, I will convince you to give it a try, or another try if your first attempt (like mine seven years ago) did not work out so well. My presentation includes a rarely attempted live demo, the equivalent of a trapeze artist performing without a net. As an added bonus, I'll unveil my productivity-boosting, zero-gravity cockpit layout. Get ready to strap in!

(Note that these videos are available for members only. The password required to view the videos can be found on the JAT mailing list.)

We'll be announcing more videos as we continue post-editing over the next few weeks and months, so stay tuned!