Voting begins at 00:00 JST on March 22 and ends at 22:00 JST on March 28
投票期間:3月22日(00:00 JST) ~ 3月28日(22:00 JST)

■ List of candidates / 立候補者一覧

Stacey Jehlik
Megumi Kimoto
Marian Kinoshita
Hideaki Maruoka
Phil Robertson


No candidate. To be selected by the Board for confirmation at the AGM.

■ Candidate details / 立候補者の詳細

Candidates for director *理事の立候補者*

Phil Robertson

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

JAT has made great strides over the past few years. However, there are
still ways in which the organization could be improved. If elected, I would
encourage my fellow Board members to actively consider issues that include
the following:• Ensuring that JAT’s finances are on a sound footing.
Spending has increased significantly of late, and this will seriously
deplete the organization’s cash reserves if we are not careful.• Hiring an
employee to take care of administrative affairs. Although this will incur
additional cost, it will help alleviate the current burden on JAT
volunteers.• Ensuring that all JAT members get the best possible value for
money. (Those who find it difficult to attend IJETs and other JAT events
should have full and easy access to materials such as proceedings and
on-line video recordings.)• Reviving the PROJECTs. These have proved in the
past to be both highly popular and profitable events.• Promoting high
standards within the profession by taking a clear position on language
direction, professionalism and quality issues, as comparable organizations
such as the ATA and ITI have done.• Establishing a structure for CSR
activities, enabling JAT members to volunteer their skills to help those in
need (e.g. in case of medical emergency or in time of natural disaster).•
Update of JAT website content in a timely fashion.• Re-instatement of the
JAT-admin mailing list (as an opt-out list) for discussion of the running
of JAT, since the website forums seem to have fallen into disuse.•
Establishing a one-to-one mentoring system where veterans can counsel less
experienced translators and pass on their knowledge.More generally, I
believe it is important that the Board should concentrate on determining
consistent and clear policies and devising longer-term strategy, while
ensuring that such discussions remain civil and collegial.

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1)
Stacey Jehlik

I am delighted to endorse Phil Robertson as a candidate for the JAT Board
of Directors. Phil was serving on the board as IJET liaison when I was
serving on the IJET-22 (Seattle) Organizing Committee and I found him to be
an especially helpful contributor to the planning process. He was a
consistent and effective communicator, and made useful suggestions during
committee interactions. He also demonstrated professionalism and tact when
faced with difficult committee management issues that arose in the early
planning phase of the conference. As IJET liaison to the board, Phil struck
just the right balance between the two groups. He was diligent in ensuring
that the committee was fulfilling its obligations, making himself available
to provide assistance as needed. At the same time, he was respectful of the
committee’s independent management of the planning process. This can be a
fine line to walk, but he walked it with aplomb. Phil has built an
impressive portfolio of JAT board roles already played, demonstrating his
commitment to the organization and his work ethic. His experience will
surely inform his efforts to focus on JAT’s strategic planning going
forward. Added to all this, Phil is simply a nice person who is easy to
talk to. These seemingly simple qualities are not to be overlooked when
effective interaction between diverse board members is a key to success. I
am confident that Phil will be a reliable contributor to JAT’s continued
growth if elected to serve as director. Stacey Jehlik

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2)
Dan Castellano

Once again, I am happy to offer my endorsement of Phil Robertson as a
candidate for JAT Director. During his past tenure as Director, and even
when acting as a regular JAT member, his dedication to making this a better
organization should be obvious to all.Having known Phil for many years, as
a fellow JAT member, business associate, and friend, I can vouch for his
ability to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and help others to see things
clearly even when the waters have been muddied by emotional responses,
always maintaining a cool head and a sense of humor.Phil’s contributions as
Director will continue to be of great value to JAT, and I hope that he has
the opportunity to serve another term.

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3)
Monica Pinda

I am pleased to offer the following endorsement of Mr Phil Robertson for
his candidacy as a JAT Director. My relationship with Phil has been largely
through membership of JAT and attendance at IJET conferences over the past
decade. I know that Phil has had considerable experience in various roles
that have included IJET committee membership, JAT directorship and PROJECT
Tokyo events. My most direct involvement with Phil was during the time he
was the Board IJET Liaison person when I was Programme Coordinator for IJET
20. Phil was of considerable help in liaising with the keynote speaker and
was also a member of the Client Acquisition panel at that conference. It
was through that presentation that I gained more insight into his business
acumen and communication skills. I am also a Facebook friend with Phil and
it is thanks to this connection that I have discovered his creative writing
skills, something I would otherwise have never known. I think that Phil’s
track record as a past director will speak for itself but in my
interactions with him he has always been efficient, logical and forthright,
yet very sensitive when acting as liaison between parties with often
disparate needs and views. These are all qualities which make him an
excellent candidate for directorship. I also believe that Phil’s personal
activities, which include sport and charity work, are not only testament to
his character but would bring an extra dimension to his role within JAT.
Monica Pinda

Stacey Jehlik

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

I hereby announce my candidacy for the JAT Board of Directors. As a
freelance translator for 17 years, I believe that JAT’s true value lies in
the ways it connects us to one another and provides avenues for
professional development. Based on this belief, I chaired the IJET-14
Organizing Committee (Dublin) and played roles on the committees for
IJET-16 (Chicago) and 22 (Seattle). I also have been managing events and
projects as a secondary line of business for the past 10 years and am
confident this experience will prove useful to JAT.I have been serving on
the Board as an IJET Liaison since November 2013 (completing the term of an
outgoing director) and have decided to run for a full term to work on: (1)
Creating an IJET archive and document management system: As data on past
IJETs is crucial to organizers, I have begun populating an IJET archive
that is easily accessible and maintainable. I also have begun setting up a
system for document management that will facilitate document sharing and
transfers of knowledge. Lessons learned can trigger future improvements
only if there are systems in place for capturing them. (2) Improving
processes: I have a knack for process analysis and improvement, and enjoy
using tech tools to increase productivity. I will look for ways these
skills can be used to help JAT work smarter.I’m still learning about all
that JAT is doing, but some strategic thinking around future objectives is
in the works. Since these efforts require the kind of time and bandwidth
that are in short supply when day-to-day operations are exploding, I’d like
a chance to develop systems that will help free up the board to do the
forward-looking thinking that benefits us all. Thank you for your

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1)
Phil Robertson

I am delighted to endorse Stacey Jehlik as a candidate for the post of JAT
Director.Stacey has exactly the combination of talent, intelligence, drive,
personability, and staying power that the Board requires.Three years ago, I
was fortunate enough to work closely with Stacey on the preparations for
IJET-22, which was held in Seattle. There were numerous problems along the
way, but I was unfailingly impressed by Stacey’s calm, level-headed
demeanour, her capacity for hard work, her practicality, and her ability to
get the job done. It is no exaggeration to say that Stacey was instrumental
in saving an event that, for a while, had looked in serious danger of going
off the rails. The fact that IJET-22 passed off so smoothly is a great
testament to her organizational and diplomatic skills.At a time when
director resignations seem to have become commonplace, the Board seriously
needs members who will remain engaged in the issues at hand and who will
see out their terms of office to the end.Thus, I have no hesitation in
strongly recommending to my fellow JAT members that they cast a vote for
Stacey for Director in the 2014 JAT election.

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2)
Naoko Uchida

私、内田順子はジェリック ステーシーさんをJAT理事に推薦します。ジェリック

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3)
Karen Sandness

As a retiring Director, I am pleased to endorse Stacey Jehlik for the JAT
Board. Joining the Board in November 2013 to replace a member who resigned,
Stacey jumped right in and got to work as Assistant IJET Liaison. It feels
as if she has accomplished more in a couple of months than I have
accomplished in two years. One of the ideas she came up with was creating
an IJET Archive, something that will be available to future Boards and
planners. All in all, she has excellent organizational skills, and I hope
that she can continue to be a great asset to the Board.Originally, Stacey
was just planning to fill out the remainder of the term of the Director who
resigned, but we were so pleased with her work that we urged her to run for
a full term. That should tell you something right there.

Megumi Kimoto

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文


Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1)

Ben Tompkins
I was honored when Megumi Kimoto asked me to endorse her as a candidate for
the upcoming JAT election. I readily give her a niju hanamaru endorsement
here. As a JAT member, a member of several JAT committees, and a director
of JAT, I have benefited from her help and kindness.All of JAT’s volunteers
are dedicated, but Megumi’s dedication goes beyond the norm. Megumi spends
countless hours reviewing the budgets of SIGs, regional groups, and other
committees; consulting with accountants and tocho personnel to make sure
JAT’s finances comply with the law and JATs internal rules; and proactively
providing input on the issues we directors discuss daily on Basecamp.I
began serving as SIG and Regional Group Liaison for JAT in June 2013
knowing little about how JAT committees operate. Megumi quickly brought me
up to speed, and she has helped many other new directors and committee
members get comfortable in their roles. She also wrote the financial
information in the SIG handbook, JAT’s new collection of guidance for our
SIGs. JAT’s SIGs are growing almost exponentially, to the benefit of all
JAT members. This growth would not be possible without the help of our
treasurer.The Board of Directors and JAT could not function properly
without Megumi. So please, vote for her, and thank her for her hard work
the next time you see her.Sincerely,Ben TompkinsVice PresidentJAT

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2)
佐藤綾子/ Emily Shibata-Sato

・ 自主性
・ 責任感
・ 持続力
・ 社会性
・ コミュニケーション力
・ ボランティア精神
・ 創造力

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3)
Victoria Oyama

Megumi Kimoto is running for director in the next election and I have no
qualms at all about endorsing Megumi for her second term. Megumi has done
an excellent job as treasurer thus far and I have complete faith in her
ability to continue on in this post. During the time I have been on the
Tokyo Activities Committee, Megumi has always done her best to help us out
regarding money matters. Her tireless enthusiasm in attending TAC meetings
to fulfill her duties as treasurer in paying the speaker and other related
tasks is most admirable. Also, as an expert in dealing with financial
matters, Megumi has given me excellent advice on how to make TAC more
sustainable since I became Chair of TAC last December. This will in turn
make JAT more sustainable. Her pointers on how to slash expenses and
increase income in the proposed FY2014 TAC budget were invaluable and I
hope these changes will contribute to making a positive difference this
coming financial year. In the past few years, JAT has seen the emergence of
new SIGs and I know this has meant an extra burden on the workload of the
treasurer. However, Megumi has taken it all in her stride and continues to
carry out a fine job. I can tell that Megumi cares about JAT and as
treasurer, is trying to steer the finances towards a safer course for
better sustainability. She definitely is a treasure of a treasurer and I
don’t know where we would be without her.I feel totally confident that
Megumi will continue to do a stellar job as a JAT director and thoroughly
recommend her for this post.Victoria OyamaChair,Tokyo Activities Committee

Hideaki Maruoka

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文


Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1)
Ben Tompkins

Rarely is a volunteer committed, thoughtful, positive, prompt, AND
courteous. Being all these things, Hideaki Maruoka is an ideal candidate
for JAT Director, a position for which I heartily endorse him. I’ve worked
most closely with Hideaki in JATPHARMA. His organizational skills and drive
to accomplish things are a big reason why JATPHARMA’s past few meetings
have been so well planned and drawn record numbers of attendees. Hideaki
shares what he learns with other volunteers; the Basecamp manual he wrote
helped many members of the IJET-25 organizing committee quickly become
familiar with Basecamp functionality. And Hideaki has done very well
building and populating the IJET-25 website as he helps the IJET-25
Organizing Committee with other tasks. Other positives Hideaki would bring
to the Board are Chinese language ability (he is trilingual) and Australian
representation (he lives in Brisbane). As JAT grows, we need more leaders
like Hideaki. Join me in voting for him to make JAT an even better

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2)
立花 陽一郎


Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3)
Cathy Eberst

Having worked with Hideaki on the Tokyo Activities Committee and the
Content Committee for several years I knew immediately that he was someone
I wanted to work with on the IJET-25 Organizing Committee and he has lived
up to and surpassed all my expectations. Hideaki is reliable, hard working,
open minded, level-headed, enthusiastic and highly motivated.While a member
of TAC he instigated live streaming, enabling members throughout Japan and
overseas to participate in TAC’s seminars. On the IJET-25 Organizing
Committee I believe that Hideaki has gained a wealth of experience and a
deep insight into the workings on JAT. While Hideaki’s principle role on
the committee is webmaster, he has also actively participated in many other
aspects of the event such as the sponsorship and advertising packages and
the pre-event in Osaka.It is widely acknowledged that JAT is experiencing
growing pains and with his experience volunteering for JAT to-date and for
AUSIT in Australia, I am sure that as a director Hideaki will be able to
help JAT establish stronger foundations and lead JAT to new highs.

Marian Kinoshita

Candidate Statement / 立候補者声明文

My first year on the Board as Membership Officer was a great way to get to
know members and understand the value of JAT to its membership and the
public. I really had no agenda other than to serve the group that I had
benefited from for so long. With nearly two years’ experience under my
belt, one of them as JAT president, I now have a deeper understanding of
the workings, capabilities and significance of the organization and the
expectations of our membership. And now I have what one might term
“unfinished” business. I hope to help solidify and implement a
mid-/long-term plan based on a proposal by our Legal Liaison. I want to
promote more outsourcing of Website and accounting work, freeing those
directors to plan for JAT’s future and ensuring stable operations during
board/volunteer transitions. I would like to see JAT events benefit more
members, regardless of location. This means encouraging more events
throughout Japan and in other countries, with video recordings and/or
documentation shared on the JAT site for all to view. I would also like to
configure a better way to link potential clients with JAT translators and
interpreters, without turning into an agency, of course! The Board is here
to serve the volunteers who make things happen and our members who
contribute to the translation and interpretation industry. If re-elected, I
will do my best to ensure JAT continues to provide the best services ever
as our membership expands and diversifies, while expending every effort to
resolve any issues emerging on a day-to-day basis.

Endorser 1 / 推薦人(1)
George Bourdaniotis

Marian and I have worked together, professionally, on many translations
over the five years since I went freelance, and she was always been
professional, rational and encouraging. She always aims to make every job a
learning experience—not only for herself but also the people working with
her—and this is evident in her involvement with JAT. She attends most JAT
talks and events and takes time to nurture relationships, both personal and
professional. In her time on the board, she has diligently worked for the
betterment of JAT. Despite all this, she also takes time to enjoy the
little things in life.

Endorser 2 / 推薦人(2)
Helen Iwata

I’m delighted to be able to endorse Marian Kinoshita for the position of
Director in the 2014 JAT Elections. I had the pleasure of working with
Marian on the JAT Board for one year when she was Membership Director and I
was President in 2012-2013. Marian stepped into my shoes when my term came
to an end in June last year. My top three reasons for endorsing Marian:1.
She has the experience – already served on the Board for two years and done
a fabulous job2. She’s dedicated – ask her how many hours she spends on JAT
every week; it’s all volunteer work!3. She’s level-headed and friendly –
JAT has almost 700 members now and the organization has become quite
complex with multiple event types and initiatives. The people leading those
events and initiatives are all volunteers. They deserve appreciation and
respect. I think Marian does a great job of listening to their ideas and
concerns and recognizing their hard work in what she says and what she
writes. So, if you like what you see in JAT Vote for Marian And let her
carry on! And I’d like to say thank you, Marian, for all your hard work!

Endorser 3 / 推薦人(3)