Dear JAT members,

I am pleased to announce that JAT’s AGM was held successfully on Saturday, May 16 (minutes available here), and the new Board members have since discussed and decided on the new roles. They are:

Helen Iwata – President
Manako Ihaya – Vice president, local activity support, contest liaison (E-J)
Charles Aschmann – PR officer (Western Hemisphere) and contest liaison (J-E)
Chris Blakeslee – Membership officer; assistant treasurer
Peter Durfee – Webmaster
James Phillips – PROJECT Osaka and TAC liaison; webmaster support
Phil Robertson – IJET, PROJECT, and committee liaison
Fred Uleman – Treasurer; PR Officer (Eastern Hemisphere)

Wolfgang Bechstein – Auditor
Emily Shibata-Sato – Auditor

We look forward to serving you this year.

Manako Ihaya
Retired JAT President, now Vice President