TAC Participant’s report: Writing Skills in Translation

By Wendy Uchimura, a Japanese-to-English translator and proofreader specializing in Intellectual Property and NGO-based work

It is rather daunting to give a report on the event Writing Skills in Translation by the esteemed Lynne Riggs. As I write this, I recall all the useful information we learnt during the workshop and I wonder am I using the proper syntax; is a sentence too wobbly; have I repeated a word too often; or have I not trimmed enough phatic? We shall see... (Read more)

There is also a report by Kaori Yamamoto on this seminar in Japanese.


Robin Britle on "Ebooks and the Opportunities for Translators" Download

The handout from the Robin Britle presentation on "Ebooks and the Opportunites for Translators" made at the July 2012 Tokyo meeting is available to download from this link:

Ebooks and the Opportunites for Translators Handout

A report on the meeting by Robin can be view here: Social Media by Accident

Members can watch the video of this seminar: Ebooks and the Opportunities for Translators

There is also a participant's report by Eric Selland in English and a report by Matoko Tsutamura in Japanese.


August 25, 2012 JATPHARMA Workshop Homework

Participants can download the "homework" for the workshop from the link below. We encourage you to think about possible translations for the highlighted sentences, and we will discuss these at the workshop itself.

JATPHARMA Workshop Homework


Your Thoughts on Translation

Your Thoughts on Translation

Call for (very) Short Essays
There is such a wealth of experience and good sense among JAT members that the JAT Board would like to commemorate International Translation Day (September 30) by publishing an anthology of short essays written by all of you.


TAC Participant’s report: e-Books and the Opportunity for Translators

By Eric Selland, legal, financial, and literary translator, poet and editor of an anthology of Japanese modernist and avant-garde poetry

Robin Birtle gave a very detailed presentation covering the history of e-books and the devices used for reading them, as well as the current condition of the e-book markets in the U.S. and Japan. Most of the presentation dealt with the ins and outs of the e-book market as well as various technical issues, then in the last section Birtle suggested a model by which translators might take advantage of new opportunities presented by e-books... (Read more)

There is also a report by Matoko Tsutamura on this seminar in Japanese.


JAT Live Broadcast

A members only page for live broadcasting has been created on the JAT website:


The first broadcast will be on Saturday, July 21, 2012, from 14:00 to 17:00 JST.



Board Meeting Minutes, June 2012

Board Minutes: Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes 14:00-17:00, Friday, June 1, 2012
International Conference Center Hiroshima (IJET-23)


2012 AGM Absentee Ballot Available Online

The 2012 AGM absentee ballot is now available for those wanting vote but not able to attend the AGM.

The AGM will be held on June 3 at 17:30 in Hiroshima (at IJET-23).


Presentation slides on "Does Translation Pay the Bills?"

The slides from Masashi Ishikawa's and George Tokikuni's presentation on "Does Translation Pay the Bills" at the May, 2012 Tokyo meeting, can be downloaded.


TAC Participant’s report: Does Translation Pay the Bills? II

Reports in Japanese by Tomoko Furukawa and Mayumi Toyota on the TAC meeting in May 2012.

There is also a report by Joji Matsuo on this seminar in English.


TAC Participant’s report: Does Translation Pay the Bills? I

By Joji Matsuo, Japanese to English translator, consecutive interpreter, and active JAT speaker

“Translation is no longer a viable profession if you expect to support a family.” This could very well have been the message that translators would take home from the first 90 minutes of the JAT’s May Meeting in Tokyo. Fortunately, the second half provided some valuable survival tips that will help translators improve their situation in the current market.... (Read more)

There are also reports by Tomoko Furukawa and Mayumi Toyota on this seminar in Japanese.


AGM 2012 Announcement

To: All JAT Members

Announcement of Annual General Meeting to be held June 3, 2012

I have the honor to invite you to the Japan Association of Translators Annual General Meeting to be held in Hiroshima on June 3, 2012.


Contest committee

Last year, we held the Eighth Annual Contest for New and Aspiring Translators. Every year, a group of screeners and judges help to narrow the entries and decide the winners. We would like to establish a committee similar to those we have for other JAT activities.


ISO committee

Well known in manufacturing, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is looking to draw up standards for translation and the translation industry. Because these may well directly affect JAT members, we think JAT should be part of the effort.


Anthology committee

To celebrate International Translation Day on September 30, we are considering publishing an anthology on translation.


Yuji Yamamoto on "Turbo-boosting your translation productivity today! " Download

The handout from Yuji Yamamoto's presentation on “Turbo-boosting your translation productivity today!" made at the April 2012 Tokyo meeting is available for download from the following link: 2012JATTokyo_Yuji Yamamoto_Handout.pdf

The video of this seminar can be viewed here: http://jat.org/events/videos/turbo_boosting_your_translation_productivity_today_breakthrough_in_quality/


TAC Participant’s report: Turbo Boosting Your Translation Productivity!

By Wendy McBride, Inhouse Translator

JAT’s Tokyo Activities Committee’s April seminar was presented by Yuji Yamamoto, a leading light in Japanese translation circles, to around 50 E-J and J-E translators, about half of whom were non-JAT members... (Read more)

There is also a report by Akiko Chiba on this seminar in Japanese.


TAC Participant’s report: Turbo Boosting Your Translation Productivity! (Ustream Report)

Report in Japanese by Hideaki Maruoka on using Ustream for the first time at the TAC meeting in April 2012.


Election Results

Please click Read More to view the JAT Election Announcement sent by e-mail.