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Translation of contracts and other legal documents


<English> *Japanese follows English

Professional paralegal and legal translator at law firm in Tokyo, Japan with approx. 15 years' experience, utilizing knowledge of Japanese as well as U.S. civil, commercial, contract, procedural, and corporate laws with native Japanese and English linguistic fluency.  JATLAW steering committee member.  LL.B. and LL.M. from the University of Tokyo; LL.M. from Temple University Beasley School of Law.

★Major Publications 

1. Books

Author of "Basics of US Contract Law" (Book in Kindle and paperback versions, 2020 - available on Amazon)カタカナ&dchild=1&keywords=アメリカ契約法の基礎&qid=1595989143&s=digital-text&sr=1-1

Legal terminology checker for a book titled "Seigi No Yukue" (publisher: Hayakawa Shobo, March 2020), the Japanese translation of "Doing Justice - A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law" by Preet Bharara (New York Times bestseller book) 

2. Major Articles in Paper (in Japanese)

Legal article titled ”Precontractual Liability in the USA and Letters of Intent" published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of International Business Law, Vol.49 No.9 2021 (September 2021);

Legal article titled "The Basic Rules of Legal Translation  - With Glossary" published in the December 2020 edition of "Business Houmu" (publisher: Chuokeizai-sha);

Legal article titled "US Contract Law and the Viewpoint of Contract Drafting/Review" published in the January 2019 edition of "Business Houmu" (publisher: Chuokeizai-sha);

Case review article of a US supreme court case titled "Personal Jurisdiction Over Foreign Companies - J.McIntyre Machinery v Nicastro" published in "Jurist" (publisher: Yuhikaku) in 2012 (co-author); 

Legal article titled "Compensation of Damages under US Contract Law" published on online law website LexisNexis AS ONE on May 7, 2020;

Article titled  "Legal Translation at a Law Firm" published in the spring 2016 edition of "Tsuyaku-Honyaku Journal" 

3. Major Online Articles (in Japanese, published on the website BUSINESS LAWYERS at "bengoshi dot com")

"English Contract Translation Notes by a Law Firm Paralegal" (series consisting of 9 articles)

"English Translation Level-up Study Methods for Corporate Legal Personnel" (series consisting of 3 articles)

4. Major Articles in English (in Paper)

"The Gifts That Legal Translation Has Given Me" (pp.62-63 of book published by JAT titled "Translator Perspectives 2021", downloadable from below)

"Igniting Sparks Between Legal Translators and Lawyers" (pp.66-67 of book published by JAT titled "Translator Perspectives 2020", downloadable from below)

"What Legal Translation Means to Me - Not Merely Translation But a Fruit-Bearing Tree" (pp.46-47 of book published by JAT titled "Translator Perspectives 2019", downloadable from below)

<日本語> 山本志織



法律用語監修:『正義の行方:ニューヨーク連邦検事が見た罪と罰』(早川書房、プリート・バララ著、2020年)(原作"Doing Justice-A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment and the Rule of Law"はニューヨークタイムズ・ベストセラー)






「用語・表現・文章・条項のグロッサリー付き 文書別・法務翻訳の基本ルール」『ビジネス法務2020年12月号』(中央経済社)、

「アメリカ契約法の基本原則・概念から詳説する 契約書ドラフティング・レビューの着眼点と修正例」『ビジネス法務2019年1月号』(中央経済社)、

「外国法人に対する人的裁判管轄権 J.McIntyre Machinery v. Nicastro」『アメリカ法判例百選』(別冊ジュリスト213号、有斐閣、2012年(共著))、

「『契約違反による救済手段』米国法上の救済手段としての損害賠償とは」法律専門オンラインサイトLexisNexis AS ONE(2020年5月7日)、


3.オンライン記事(弁護士ドットコムのBUSINESS LAWYERS):




"The Gifts That Legal Translation Has Given Me" (JAT発行『翻訳者の目線2021』62-63ページ、以下よりダウンロード可能)

"Igniting Sparks Between Legal Translators and Lawyers" (JAT発行『翻訳者の目線2020』66-67ページ、以下よりダウンロード可能)

"What Legal Translation Means to Me - Not Merely Translation But a Fruit-Bearing Tree"(JAT発行『翻訳者の目線2019』46-47頁、以下よりダウンロード可能)