JAT Election Candidates

Dear JAT members,

The 2013 JAT Election Committee would like to announce the candidates for Director.
The Officers are deliberating the fact that there are no candidates for the position of Auditor.

Firstly, we would like to express our thanks to the candidates and their endorsers.

If you believe there is a mistake or missed entry in the list of candidates and endorsers, send an email to the 2013 JAT Election Committee ASAP.

The election campaign lasts until 21 March (10PM JST).

Feel free to ask questions or post comments on the election mailing list.

This mailing list is open for use by any JAT member.

The 2013 JAT Election Committee

Michael House (Chair)
Mayumi Toyota
Thomas Kaiser


Call for Candidates!


2013 JAT Election: President's Testimonial

Here’s a testimonial from JAT President Helen Iwata. The
deadline for submitting candidacy statements for this
year’s election for Directors and Auditors is 22:00 on
Thursday, March 14, JST.


2013 JAT Election


JATPHARMA Workshop “Writing for the Reader” with Thomas A. Lang and Lee Seaman

Please note: Registration for this workshop is now closed.


JAT TIP Meeting Dec 10, 2012

After you find something you want to translate enough that you decide to do it on your own, you need to get permissions from the copyright holders.


TAC Participant’s report: From Globalization to Glocalization

A report by Hideaki Maruoka on the TAC seminar in Japanese

JAT members can view the video and download slides from here.


TIP Dec 10, 2012

The translator-initiated publishing group will hear from a copyright lawyer on December 10 (Mon.).


Face-to-Face Board Meeting Minutes, Oct. 2012

09:30-18:00 Friday, October 19, 2012
TKP Shibuya Conference Center


Sixth eJuku Session

Our eJuku program, launched in 2009, gives participants an opportunity to hone their translation skills under the guidance of seasoned translators. Since Spring 2012 an updated format, called the JAT Online Translation Workshop (JOTW), has been adopted to encourage greater peer-to-peer discussion among participants, using text-based interaction as well as videoconferencing facilitated by the mentor-translators.


Translator Perspectives 2012

Translator Perspectives 2012

This is a collection of very short essays on translation by professional translators, all of whom are members of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT). The contributions represent the distilled wisdom of translators of all ages, nationalities, fields and levels of experience. Some are in English, some in Japanese, all embody opinions and observations based on experience, and all are guaranteed to be thought-provoking—and hopefully enlightening—regarding any of the numerous aspects of the job of translation.


August 25, 2012 JATPHARMA Workshop: Materials

Slides and other materials from the August 25 JATPHARMA workshop


Writing Skills in Translation (Turning a Rough Draft into Effective English) Presentation Download

Materials used in Ms. Lynne E. Rigg’s presentation Writing Skills in
Translation (Turning a Rough Draft into Effective English) made at the
September 2012 Tokyo meeting are available for download from the following

A Translation Editor’s Checklist







TAC Participant’s report: Writing Skills in Translation

By Wendy Uchimura, a Japanese-to-English translator and proofreader specializing in Intellectual Property and NGO-based work

It is rather daunting to give a report on the event Writing Skills in Translation by the esteemed Lynne Riggs. As I write this, I recall all the useful information we learnt during the workshop and I wonder am I using the proper syntax; is a sentence too wobbly; have I repeated a word too often; or have I not trimmed enough phatic? We shall see... (Read more)

There is also a report by Kaori Yamamoto on this seminar in Japanese.


Robin Britle on "Ebooks and the Opportunities for Translators" Download

The handout from the Robin Britle presentation on "Ebooks and the Opportunites for Translators" made at the July 2012 Tokyo meeting is available to download from this link:

Ebooks and the Opportunites for Translators Handout

A report on the meeting by Robin can be view here: Social Media by Accident

Members can watch the video of this seminar: Ebooks and the Opportunities for Translators

There is also a participant's report by Eric Selland in English and a report by Matoko Tsutamura in Japanese.


August 25, 2012 JATPHARMA Workshop Homework

Participants can download the "homework" for the workshop from the link below. We encourage you to think about possible translations for the highlighted sentences, and we will discuss these at the workshop itself.

JATPHARMA Workshop Homework


Your Thoughts on Translation

Your Thoughts on Translation

Call for (very) Short Essays
There is such a wealth of experience and good sense among JAT members that the JAT Board would like to commemorate International Translation Day (September 30) by publishing an anthology of short essays written by all of you.


TAC Participant’s report: e-Books and the Opportunity for Translators

By Eric Selland, legal, financial, and literary translator, poet and editor of an anthology of Japanese modernist and avant-garde poetry

Robin Birtle gave a very detailed presentation covering the history of e-books and the devices used for reading them, as well as the current condition of the e-book markets in the U.S. and Japan. Most of the presentation dealt with the ins and outs of the e-book market as well as various technical issues, then in the last section Birtle suggested a model by which translators might take advantage of new opportunities presented by e-books... (Read more)

There is also a report by Matoko Tsutamura on this seminar in Japanese.


JAT Live Broadcast

A members only page for live broadcasting has been created on the JAT website:


The first broadcast will be on Saturday, July 21, 2012, from 14:00 to 17:00 JST.



Board Meeting Minutes, June 2012

Board Minutes: Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes 14:00-17:00, Friday, June 1, 2012
International Conference Center Hiroshima (IJET-23)