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government, politics, business (particularly CSR), current events, culture, society


I came to Japan in 1985, graduated from the American School in Japan in 1988, and earned a BA in Japanese from UC Berkeley in 1993. After graduation I worked for three years in Nasu, Tochigi, teaching in public schools and doing some translation for the municipal government; I got the level 1 certificate in the Japanese Proficiency Examination (日本語能力試験1級) around then. In 1996 I joined Japan Echo Inc. as a full-time translator and editor, working on Japan Echo, the Japan Review of International Affairs, and other projects. This organization is now the Nippon Communications Foundation. We produce the website My work focuses on politics (articles on the political scene, election analysis, speeches for Diet members), government (reports for ministries, overseas on-site translation for the prime minister one year), business (CSR and annual reports for Japanese firms, a range of documents for IR and internal use), and society (general trends, popular culture, art, you name it). In 2005 Kodansha International published my translation of a biography of Noguchi Hideyo, Dr. Noguchi's Journey. Since 2001 I have taught translation at a language school in Tokyo; since 2016 I have lectured at Keio University on multilingual communications issues.