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Science, technology, engineering, computer software and hardware, patents, manufacturing, business, marketing​


I've been working full-time as a professional Japanese-English translator since 2009. I translate mainly technical and business documents, including websites, reports, presentations, press releases, technical manuals, patents, and scientific papers, from Japanese into English. My goal and passion is to translate Japanese documents into natural, idiomatic English, while retaining the precision, nuance, and persuasiveness of the original. I earned a BA in Linguistics and Computer Science from UCLA, followed by a Ph.D. in Linguistics, with a minor in Computer Science, from Stanford University. After earning my Ph.D., I worked as a computational linguist (at PARC, SRI, and elsewhere) and taught courses in linguistics and language technology at San Jose State University and Boise State University. I also spent several years living in Japan, working at Koei (in Tokyo) and NAIST (in Tsukuba).